3 Ways to Leave a Positive Impression with Clients

by Peter Thomas Ricci

All agents strive to leave positive impressions, and we’ve got the three principles to keep in mind to do just that.

First impressions are undoubtedly important in real estate, but it’s the lasting impressions – the way your clients will talk about you after the contracts are signed the the closing finalized – that will determine your success as an agent.

What steps can you take, though, to ensure that you’re leaving a truly positive impression with clients? Here are three principles to follow:

1. Ask Gripping Questions – It’s important to keep in mind that the homebuying and selling process is about the client, and whatever their wishes and desires may be. Therefore, ask your clients gripping questions to not only understand what they’re after, but to also make it clear that you have their interests at heart. Even the smallest of questions can make the difference – for instance, why not ask them what they think of a home’s master bedroom, rather than telling them why it’s so great?

2. A Potent Mix of States & Tales – Housing can be a complicated, overwhelming arena for some consumers, and as the go-to expert in the buying and selling process, you’ll want to approach every client armed with not only stats, but also anecdotes and analogies that can bring the facts to life. It’s one thing to explain to the client how their FICO score will influence their principal payments, but it’s another to cite the past client who saved $200 a month when their score rose 30 points.

3. Be PASSIONATE! – Finally, bring passion and vitality to what you do! Nothing is a bigger turnoff to the client than when you seem disinterested in what you’re doing. Homeownership often accompanies substantial life changes – marriage, children, even death – and your own authenticity and compassion will complement those changes beautifully. So whether you show a home that will be perfect for the client’s elderly mother or accentuate a listing’s most treasured characteristics, your passion will shine through and create a lasting impression.

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