Living Your Brand: Local Marketing, Maximum Results

by Deanna Kane


Who are you? Before you market yourself and your business, you need to know exactly who you are in your business. Are you an expert at something? Do you have a particular niche? What special skills do you bring to the table?

The No. 1 thing you need to do to be a successful broker is to define yourself and your expertise, which therefore helps define your brand. A narrow and deep marketing approach gives real state agents the foundation to build a marketing campaign that will support and build a brand.

To do this, first, ask yourself these simple questions:

What is your core demographic? In other words, who is hiring you? First-time homebuyers? Luxury buyers? Buyers looking in a certain neighborhood? Who are your referrals – what demographic or niche do they fit into?

What real estate services do your clients look for from you most? If they’re first-time buyers, do they need a lender to go through the financial process step-by-step? If they’re luxury clients, do they need a lender that does jumbo loans? Are they Hispanic, Polish or another nationality where they need a bilingual agent and/or lender? How do you provide for their needs?

What advantages do you have over your competitors? Do you have different designations? Offer different services? That links back to the above question, but how do you do those better than your competition?

Lastly, what are your values? Community work and charities add to your brand and show you’re active in the community.

The responses to those questions should tell you who you are, and what your brand is. 

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