Living Your Brand: Local Marketing, Maximum Results

by Deanna Kane

Living Your Brand

Selling the lifestyle that comes along with the home and the neighborhood and surrounding area is equally as important to your brand.

“Without a familiarity of the neighborhood, public transportation, restaurants, school districts and local vendors, and the ability to discuss the area in an educated way, it is difficult to define your niche and become a local expert,” says Miller.

Be indispensable to past and present clients through the knowledge you can offer. Study trends, read extensively and attend seminars, webinars and conferences to have a full understanding on what is going on locally and in the industry. Consumers are inundated with “expert” information; help them cut through the clutter. The more information you can give, the more you will receive in return.

“I’ve created a team of wonderful professionals who know the village of Glenview,” Dubray says. “What buyers really want is information. If you have local market data, share those statistics with past, current and potential clients through an email campaign. When something good happens in your niche, make sure everyone knows.”

When you can offer something of value to your community or clients, you will drive value back to your business; write a homebuying column in your town’s local paper, support only local vendors or host monthly homebuying seminars at your office. 

“We use local vendors to advertise, like the Glenview Lantern, to reach local residents. When good things happen, we send a postcard to residents,” Dubray says.

After your clients close on a home, send a housewarming gift specific to their interests. Satisfied clients are great for referrals and often become life-long customers. Help them transition into a new neighborhood by coordinating a get-together so they can meet their new neighbors. Keep past clients engaged with quarterly updates on available listings – they may know a buyer perfect for your property. Set a calendar reminder for past client’s homebuying anniversaries and send flowers or a card to remind them of their positive experience. If a client sends a great referral your way, show your appreciation with a small “thank you,” like a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

“Anywhere you go, so does your brand,” Murray says. “Living your brand will be what helps sustain it and helps it flourish.” CA

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