The Top 10 Chicago Suburbs Searching for Real Estate Agents

by Alyssa Mattero

Demand for real estate services varies wildly across Chicagoland, but Alyssa Mattero shares what 10 suburbs need agents the most.


People search for real estate companies and agents based on the Chicago suburb they want to live in. Out of all of the towns that surround the busy city, which suburbs are searching for real estate agents most? Where are people looking to move?

Based on keyword research, we can see how many people are searching for real estate agents in the different suburbs. Keyword research breaks down the average number of people searching for a keyword in Google each month. I performed keyword research on the query “real estate Illinois” to see which suburbs came up with the greatest number of searches. For example, “Barrington Illinois real estate” appeared at the top of the list with 110 searches per month.

There is the greatest demand for real estate services in the following Chicago suburbs.

Top 10 Chicago Suburbs Searching for Real Estate Agents

1. Barrington

2. Lake Forest

3. Oak Park

4. Highland Park

5. Marion

6. Naperville

7. Evanston

8. Winnetka

9. Deerfield

10. Glenview

This information is valuable to Chicago real estate agents and companies because it tells you who is in the market for your services. If you’re a real estate agent who’s trying to acquire new clients, it’s time to market to these Chicago suburbs. People are searching online for real estate services in these areas because they don’t currently have a real estate company. These are new customers.

If your company offers real estate services in the suburbs listed, make sure you say so on your website. Now is the time to optimize your site for these specific locations so that your company comes up in search results.

The easiest way to optimize your website for a specific location is to create a new page that is dedicated to that location and explains the services you offer. If you create more than one of these location pages, make sure that the content or text is unique on each page, because Google will penalize your rankings if it finds duplicate content on your site.

Another way to optimize your site for locations is to create a service areas page that shows your customers all of the areas you service.

The main takeaway here is that there is demand and opportunity out there, and with a little initiative, you can find new clients in the Chicago suburbs listed above.

alyssa-mattero-perfect-search-mediaAlyssa Mattero is the senior relationship manager at Perfect Search Media. You can contact her at:

Phone: 877.655.8227 (x708)
Email: [email protected]

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