The Secrets of Successful Managing Brokers

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Jack Persin,
Ryan Hill Realty,

Q: You are quite active in the Naperville community, particularly in community service/veterans affairs. Does community service play a part in the agents you have at Ryan Hill?

A: Our company will always be involved in community outreach. Not only do we do a Christmas card program, where we write Christmas cards to veterans, but we have people that work at halfway houses serving food, we have agents that coach little league and soccer programs [and] we have agents who work with food banks during the holidays and collect books for the library. So, this is what our company is made of, and this is what we talk to people when recruiting. We say, ‘We are about giving back to the community. That’s one of our core values.’

We want agents that are involved in community. We’re just not going to take an agent who’s focused on buying and selling houses; we want you to have a rounded life. The community is much more than buying and selling houses. It’s about giving back to the community.

Q: What are the main aims of the team-building programs you are currently developing at Ryan Hill?

A: We have a few teams in our office. We actually just added an agent to one of our teams of two. There is equality for everybody within a team concept, and the role for one could be a buyer’s agent, one could be administrative, one could be a listing agent; each one has their own strengths. And on a good team, you identify what the strength is of that individual and then you refine it. So, that’s what they focus on 80 percent of the time, and 20 percent of the time they are supporting the other associates on their team.

The teams are productive. They are strong listing entities, and they get deals closed.

Jack offers a wealth of hands on experience. He has seen it all!  When I go to him with a tricky situation, I know he will walk me through the logical options to create a win-win situation for my clients.  He also offers a positive approach to any situation.  I have given him my own nickname, ‘Captain,’ because he is the captain of our Ryan Hill ship!  And he leads us well! 

Regarding Teresa, I choose to join Ryan Hill because I watched Teresa grow this company at a steady pace.  I stay with Ryan Hill because Teresa Ryan is a forward thinker.  She is a life-long learner, which is especially important  in a constantly changing real estate market.  She brings new tools and ideas to her agents after she has fully investigated their value and necessity  to our business. She has a high level of positive energy and professionalism. She always demonstrates a caring attitude towards her staff and agents. When I needed her expertise, she came with me to meet with a seller. Together, we successfully negotiated a necessary price reduction. We saved the listing and it sold quickly.”

–Tara Kovach, Realtor, Ryan Hill Realty

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  • Tim Croke says:

    Chuck has a great reputation and has been involved in real estate for years – but lets not forget David Hall who built Coldwell Banker’s Lincoln Park office from 35 agents to the mega success it is today. I wish Chuck continued success keeping and growing David Hall’s office.

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