The Secrets of Successful Managing Brokers

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Teresa Ryan,
Ryan Hill Realty,

Q: You have an extremely diverse professional background. In addition to real estate, you have also worked in marketing, advertising and other communications. How does that diverse background help you in your current role as the broker/owner of Ryan Hill Realty?

A: My background is in PR, Marketing and production for TV commercials, sales meetings, and new product promotions. In all these fields, you have to understand who your customer is and what’s important to them. You learn to identify their needs and provide a service or product to meet those needs. It all ties in with real estate through superior client representation and service.

In the past six years, we’ve seen unprecedented change in the real estate market – from buying to selling. Directing my team to stay ahead of the curve required identifying the needs of our clients – my background equipped me to use out-of-the-box thinking to ensure we were collectively successful.

Q: How do you effectively mentor your agents through their development as real estate professionals?

A: We have a very personal and systematized approach in place to make an agent feel at home at Ryan Hill Realty. Within the first three days of joining the company, they’re introduced to the staff and go through their orientations.

Mentorship for new agents begins with Mike Loewer, assistant manager, assessing their unique needs and assigning them to a mentor within the company. They then work closely with their mentor for the first six months to help them learn essentials like taking floor calls, orchestrating/staging open houses, going on or designing listing presentations and so on.

Seasoned Agents enjoy advanced training and development, and the complete support of the company’s leadership with the option of mentorship, if required.

This structured approach ensures that each Agent gets the support, training and technology that they need to successfully manage their business and life balance.

Q: What have been your best recruitment strategies over the years? How do you recruit top agents?

A: Our goal isn’t to be the biggest company; we prefer to be the best. We’re selective with the Agents that we bring in to Ryan Hill Realty. They must be professional, offer exceptional customer service, know how to serve customer needs, and produce the best results for them.

Our ultimate goal is to have raving fans for clients, so that they’ll want to continue to use us and they’ll refer us to their families and friends. Our selection process has allowed us to successfully accomplish this goal within all the communities we’re involved with. We work hard, as a team, to maintain and protect our reputation.

We know what Agents are looking for and surpass those needs. New Agents look for training, support, mentoring and state-of-the-art systems to start off strong and produce results as quickly as possible. Seasoned Agents need support, marketing, advertising and lead generation.

They already have the foundation to best serve buyers and sellers; to them, the right brokerage is one that has strong leadership to help them grow their business and supply them with quality leads.  In the end, our Agents stand strong with our established, award-winning Brokerage that isn’t afraid of doing great things.

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  • Tim Croke says:

    Chuck has a great reputation and has been involved in real estate for years – but lets not forget David Hall who built Coldwell Banker’s Lincoln Park office from 35 agents to the mega success it is today. I wish Chuck continued success keeping and growing David Hall’s office.

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