The Short List – Currently Available Topics

by Chicago Agent

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, for three to 10 tips/recommendations on an essential topic in real estate.

Below, we have all the currently available Short List topics listed; if you would like to participate in The Short List, and one of the topics below appeals to you, please contact us at either 773-296-6001 or editor@chicago.staging312.com. Also, click here to read past Short List features.

Customer Service

•Ways to work with clients who are downsizing

•How to effectively service new construction clients

•How to ensure that your clients are satisfied

•The top ways to explain your value to consumers

•Strategies for finding clients the perfect home


Business Practices

•Top methods for selling new construction properties

•How the pros price their listings appropriately

•Top strategies for how new agents can succeed

•Best practices for creating a successful business plan

•The easiest ways to establish a sound work-life balance

•Simple strategies for staying alert and committed to your business

•Strategies for keeping busy in a slow market

•The top ways to become an effective communicator

•How to assemble the very best affiliates for your business

•Proven methods for showing homes in their best possible light

•Interesting, creative ways to approach your business

•Strategies for working through difficult negotiations

•Top ways that agents can save time in their business

•How to conduct an effective listing strategy



•Great lead generation in the Internet age

•How you can distinguish yourself from the competition

•The top websites for real estate marketing

•Methods for staying relevant in the Internet age

•How you can use syndication sites to your advantage

•The best methods for recruiting top talent for your office

•Unconventional networking spots for new clients

•Interesting ways to use Pinterest in your marketing efforts

•Simple ways to manage an effective Twitter feed

•How you can use a CRM effectively in your business

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  • Anthony Giannone says:

    Work renters its a hot market, I am doing about 4 a week and in a year they may turn into buyers if you just guide them the right way. I cant keep up I am so busy. Believe me it adds up quick. Thanks Anthony Giannone
    Kettley realtors

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