From Shoulder Pads to Sports Coats

by Chicago Agent

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, many Chicagoans experience a nostalgic rendezvous with the Bears’ victory way back in the 1985 season.

Though the Bears’ Super Bowl run this year has been put to rest, Chicago must look forward, because all good things come to an end. On www.ChicagoTribune.com today, Mary Ellen Podmolik takes a look at the post-SuperBowl life of the 1985 Bears’ starting tightend turned Realtor, Emery Moorehead.

“I was in my ninth year when we won the Super Bowl, and I knew it wasn’t going to last too much longer,” Moorehead tells the Tribune. “I made $220,000 that year. You weren’t making the kind of money they are now.”

After the Super Bowl, Moorehead began studying real estate. Almost immediately after his NFL retirement in the late 80s, he began full-time as a real estate agent.

For over 20 years he has worked with Koenig & Strey in north suburban Lake Forest. He also currently serves as chairman of the North Shore-Barrington Association of Realtors.

Since his real estate career began in the 1980s, Moorehead notes the drastic changes of the industry and its crucial role in the wellbeing of our economy.

“We have to do everything we can to help the real estate industry,” Moorehead tells the Tribune. “Real estate has always been what’s led the country out of recession. It’s not going to be this time.”

For more on Moorehead, visit www.ChicagoTribune.com.

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  • “I made $220,000 that year. You weren’t making the kind of money they are now.”

    Perhaps, but 1985–easily remembered but many of us–still was more than 25 years ago!

    Couple of online inflation calculators estimate that $220K earned in 1985 is equal to roughly $446K today.

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