Test Your Presentation Skills!

by Chicago Agent

1. Do you listen more than you talk during a listing presentation?  OYes ONo

2. Do you ask the homeowners questions about the home’s architectural style and
neighborhood? OYes ONo

3. If you get an important call during the presentation, it’s okay to answer it and interrupt the presentation. OYes ONo

4. Do you ask the sellers whether they use the Internet and email before your presentation? OYes ONo

5. Do you recommend improvements that can be made to the house during your presentation and suggest a pre-listing inspection? OYes ONo

6. Do you present color copies of materials? OYes ONo

7. Do you explain to sellers inconveniences they may experience during the listing
period? OYes ONo

8. Do you act the same way during each listing presentation, whether the sellers are all about business or more casual? OYes ONo

How did you do? To find out, go to: ChicagoAgentMagazine.com/quiz-answers

Are you outshining your competition when it comes to listing presentations? Do you often hear “yes” from sellers, or is your record still hit or miss? Take our quiz to see if you’re in tune with what makes a great listing presentation.

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  • Sharon Martin says:

    Thank you for this. My husband is going on his 1st listing appt. with me this week, now that we will be a team, and this is a good article for him to read. Me too. Good job.

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