The Perfect Month for Top Producers

by Chicago Agent

Some might think that during a difficult market it’s harder to be a top producer, but actually, the opposite can be true. Recently, a lender told me that last month he had the best numbers he’d seen in five years, because there was a lack of competition in the market. When you think of it this way, there’s more room on top for you!

I always find it appropriate that our Top Producers issue falls in March. Spring is right around the corner, and my favorite sports competition, March Madness, is also set to begin. I’ll spare you the analysis on how my Fighting Illini are doing this year, though barring any disasters it looks like my boys should head to the NCAA Tournament again, though it’s not clear if they’re ready to make it past the first round.

Unlike prior years, there are few clear-cut NCAA teams that stand out as sure things, and a number of underdogs are vying for the top position. Just like in the real estate game, the field is wide open for a scrappy newcomer to charge forward and make it to the top. However, history shows that veterans are the ones that know how to stay strong when things get tough, so the opportunity is there for seasoned Realtors as well.

At our Top Producer Event on Feb. 16, I had the honor of meeting a number of top producers from Lake and Cook Counties. Each had remarked that last year was difficult, but they all made the necessary adjustments to get their numbers high, and thus we were happy to give them the much-deserved recognition. One of the best ways to become a top producer is to learn from those that are successful, and in our cover story you’ll find tips and advice from five top producers working in a variety of locations in the Chicagoland area.

In addition to looking forward to days and days of quality basketball, I’m energized to get past the winter blahs and get ready for the spring selling season. Daylight savings is just a few weeks away, which means the days will get longer and the sun will feel like it’s getting brighter. Let’s all emerge from this snowy winter stronger and more capable, and find our own way to the top!

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