Cover Story-Chicagoland’s Best Offices 2009

by Chicago Agent

For our Best Offices issue, Chicago Agent found the most happening places to work in the Chicagoland area. These real estate offices in both the city and the suburbs have discovered how to be fun and exciting, while still demonstrating professionalism and finding success. Under the guidance of a managing broker who sets the tone for the entire office, these are the places where agents have all of their professional needs fulfilled, and have found success in any kind of market.

In the real estate industry, each agent has the opportunity to be an independent individual, but can always rely on the managing broker for guidance and instruction. The head of any business has a tough job, but it’s always easier at a productive and enjoyable office with a fantastic staff. 

In our cover story, you’ll see profiles and pictures from a variety of completely different offices with their own flare and own personal ways of conducting business. You’ll hear in the managing broker’s own words what goes on in his/her office, and why their office is the place to be. These pages can help you as a managing broker yourself, or as an agent, find out what makes these electrifying offices tick.

Joseph Siciliano 

Branch Manager
Coldwell Banker
Lakeview Office 


Personal Motto:
“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”


Years as a MB: I just started working with Coldwell Banker this year on October 14.

Number of full-time agents: We have just over 100 agents.
Tech provided: We have a great intra-office Web site that provides our agents with a multitude of marketing tools, including e-mail campaigns, custom brochures, client follow up programs, etc.
Desk setup: We have a lot of agents that work from home, but have plenty of busy agents that use the desks in semi-private offices here.
Conference rooms: One large one that can be split into two with a temporary wall.
Parking: Street parking is available. Some parking is free and a paid public lot is located across the street.


Administrative staff: We have three staff people that are here five days a week and one weekend staffer.

Management support: I am here to assist agents in committing to a plan, setting goals and to help agents reach them. I provide encouragement and training that will allow them to increase business. Upper management also provides a huge support system.


Where did you grow up: Western suburbs

Where did you learn the real estate business? On the “street” working for a small firm then moving to Coldwell Banker in 1995

Why real estate? I was motivated by the unlimited earnings potential.

Industry relationships: I have a lot of great, long-term relationships with contractors and attorneys. Some of the longest and strongest relationships are with fellow agents that I have met and known over the years.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I can truly empathize with the agents because I’ve sold real estate for over 18 years.

Who do you admire: My parents, they taught me the value of hard work and of being an honest and ethical person.

“Joe’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field has made him an immediate asset to the Coldwell Banker Lakeview office. Speaking from my personal agent to agent experience with Joe on previous deals, I know that his professionalism will lead to great things for our office.” -Tom K. Leko, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


Phil Barone Managing Broker

Coldwell Banker
Edgebrook Office


“Hard work is easy when you love what you do!”


Years as a MB: 7

Number of full-time agents: 100

Describe the office space: Corner storefront with simple but comfortable furnishings

Tech provided: Our office is provided with state-of-the-art technology.

Desk setup: There is an on-site desk set up, including virtual and Smart mobile capabilities.

Conference rooms: Two

Parking: There is limited on-site parking with a free lot across the street and metered street parking.


Administrative staff:

There are two full-time staff members who work Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 6:00; one part-time staff member who works the weekends from 8:30 – 5:00.

MLS assistance: Full-time assistance is provided

Management support: We have on-site classes, training, technology reviews, team and personal coaching; negotiations; annual and ongoing business planning; biweekly staff meetings; and coordination with ancillary services.


Where did you grow up: Lincoln Square 
Where did you learn the business: I’m a third-generation broker. I learned from my father (who’s still an active broker) and grandfather who founded M. Barone Realty. I worked in banking and title for a bit, but my heart was always in real estate sales.

Why real estate: I saw first-hand how my father and grandfather helped people make their dreams come true. I wanted to be a part of that history. Now, with 20 years in the business, I’m selling first homes to the children of clients. It’s wonderful!
What makes you different from any other managing broker: I treat my agents like well-rounded people instead of money-making machines. I respect their commitments to family. I encourage their participation in their communities. I believe if we recognize the true priority of work in the context of a full life it leads to greater success for everyone.
Who do you admire: I am inspired by the agent who gets up every morning, works hard and makes it happen, even when the market is challenging and the economy is difficult. 

“I enjoy coming to work now more than ever because Phil has an office where individual success is not the enemy of teamwork — it is the result! Quite simply, he’s the best.” -Anthony Rodriguez, Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker


Tim Freeman
Branch Manager

Coldwell Banker
Gold Coast Office 


Work: “Never let defeat rob you of success.”
Life: “Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world.”


Years as a MB: 2

Number of full-time agents: 50

Describe the office space: The office is contemporary, bright and sleek.

Tech provided: State-of-the-art tools and programs to maximize agent efficiency 

Desk setup: Primarily on-site, however, some agents work off-site

Conference rooms: We have two conference rooms with amazing views. 

Parking: Parking is available in the building.


Administrative staff:

We have a great administrative staff to agent ratio, service is job one.

MLS assistance: We have MLS assistance, including complete input and the management of photos.

Management support: We offer daily coaching opportunities, planning and deal support.


Where did you grow up: San Francisco

Where did you learn the real estate business? I worked for a very wealthy individual and was his personal CFO. I managed his real estate portfolio of over $100 million.

Why did you want to be in real estate? I have always had a passion to help people in the pursuit of finding their dream home. I have also had successful runs as a manager in my past, at times managing groups of over 50 people, predominantly in finance organizations. The ability to combine that management experience and real estate has been intoxicating.

What makes you different from any other managing broker? My business background as an investment banker and CPA allows me to provide solid guidance as agents build their business. I spend one-on-one time to make sure they have a plan for success.
Who do you admire? My mentor in this business was David Hall. He was always emotionally present for his agents and made you feel like you were the only one in the room. 

“Tim Freeman is very knowledgeable of the real estate market and is a great resource for us to tap into whenever we need advice. Tim not only does a great job of constantly challenging us, but he is also committed to helping everyone succeed with their business.”
-Shelly Santefort Perkowski, Agent, Coldwell Banker 


John McClintock 
Branch Manager

Coldwell Banker
Halsted Office 


“Always delivering first-
class service.”


Years as a MB: I’ve spent 12 years as a managing broker, with a total of 18 years in real estate.

Number of full-time agents: 75

Describe the office space: The office is an open commercial loft space with top-notch business services for agents.

Desk setup: Agents share desks. When they reach $5 million closed in business, agents receive their own desk.

Conference rooms: We have two conference rooms.

Parking: Street parking is available.


Administrative staff: Our office is fully staffed.

Management support: As a managing broker, I help agents grow their business.


Where did you grow up: Rogers Park 

Where did you learn real estate: I learned real estate from a close friend and also from several mentors from Coldwell Banker.

Why real estate: I like the flexibility and the earning potential. As a manager, I get satisfaction in watching my agents grow and achieve success. 

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I’ve always been an advocate for my agents by encouraging them to grow either through continued education, sales or designations. 

“I am so pleased to be affiliated with the Halsted Office of Coldwell Banker since 1992. John McClintock has brought together a wonderful group of dedicated agents and staff who are always willing to share their expertise and mentor one another.” -Elizabeth Ballis, Coldwell Banker 


Natalie Carpenter 
Branch Manager

Coldwell Banker
Hyde Park Office 


“It is what it is, but it can be what you make it!”

Years as a MB: Co-manager for four years, managing broker for 13 years

Number of full-time agents: 53 full-time sales associates

Describe the office space: Effective, functional, efficient and comfortable

Tech provided: Our office provides e-mail, voicemail, e-fax, computers, wireless access and all the tools and technology needed for a successful real estate business.

Desk setup: Full-time and part-time agents have assigned on-site work spaces and full virtual access to company network. 

Conference rooms: We have three conference rooms.

Parking: There is free parking for agents and customers right in front of the office.


Administrative staff: There is an administrative staff on hand at all hours from Monday through Friday 9:00 – 6:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 5:00. We are closed on Sundays.
MLS assistance: Our administrative staff inputs and maintains data in the MLS.

Management support: Management provides coaching, training, motivation and a pleasant working environment.


Where did you grow up: South side of Chicago, in the West Chesterfield community

Why real estate: Helps to fulfill my overall purpose in life to help and educate people

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I don’t just “talk the talk,” but I have also “walked the walk.” I was a top producer and I share those real experiences that made me successful directly with my agents so that they too can have the same, or better, levels of success.

Who do you admire: Anyone that enjoys what they do for a living, has a good, balanced, spiritual and home life and has fun!

“Natalie is the epitome of a good manager. She recognizes the small and large accomplishments of her agents and is always there for them to talk out their issues. She has a real knowledge of the business and continually brings cutting-edge technology to the office.” -Shirley Rucker, Sales Executive, Coldwell Banker


Kathy Kalnes
Regional Vice President and Managing Broker

Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Plaza

Paul Boyd

Assistant Branch Manager
Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Plaza



“Be nice!” 
-Paul Boyd

“Always believe everyone is doing the best they can.” 
-Kathy Kalnes


Years as a MB:

Boyd, 13;

Kalnes, 3 years as Regional Vice President and 13 years in management with Coldwell Banker. 

Number of full-time agents: 200

Describe the office space: Egalitarian; everybody has a similar comfortable carrel, whether you are a $90 million producer or a budding rookie 

Tech provided: We offer great virtual marketing options, including e-mail campaigns, digital brochures, etc.

Conference rooms: Seven, plus one large lunch/meeting room


Administrative staff: 13 full-time staff and three are part-time. Staff is on-site Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., including weekends from 10:00 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Management support: We coach, mentor strategize and guide. We offer comprehensive training and business development sessions. Our office has a full-time marketing department, contract management services, CMA booklets, superb technological tools and programs and fun office parties with weekly luncheon meetings.


Paul Boyd

Where did you grow up: Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved to Chicago 40 years ago, the night of the Democratic Convention riots. I love the city so much and I have never thought of leaving.

Why real estate: I am a renaissance man with degrees and majors in psychology, philosophy, theology and political science. I get to use all of my education and skills. As a manager, you can be a shrink, a business analyst, a marriage counselor and a negotiator all in one business day.
What makes you different from any other managing broker: We run our office as a supportive nurturing family. We insist on niceness, helpfulness, sharing, team spirit, high ethical standards, honesty, integrity and playful camaraderie.

Who do you admire: I admire Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy and Stephen Colbert.


Kathy Kalnes

Where did you grow up: I grew up in Evergreen Park.

Why real estate: I like the flexibility and being able to build my own business. 

Who do you admire: I admire my parents, who always taught me to do the right thing.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I believe that my agents are my clients and with that they deserve my support, coaching and guidance in helping them to develop their business to make them the best they can be.

“I feel lucky to be working in the Lincoln Park Plaza office under the guidance of Kathy Kalnes and Paul Boyd. The office is dynamic and exciting and the staff gives me excellent support. And Kathy and Paul are experienced, approachable and fun to be around. I find safety and comfort in knowing that I can talk to either Kathy or Paul about anything that comes up in my life.” -Ian Schwartz, 10-year veteran and top producer, Coldwell Banker


Sandesh Bilgi
  Vice President, Business Development

Jameson Real Estate

jameson.com and jamesoncommercial.com

”Don’t sit at home and wait for the phone to ring when you can create opportunities by being proactive. You need to control the market – don’t let it control you!”
Jameson Real Estate is not your typical brokerage, it is a progressive and dynamic company that has established residential and commercial divisions and continues to lead in development representation. There is also a dedicated staff for agent training and professional development. Jameson has developed a new brand and identity over the last year, building on the 30-year heritage created by Charley and Harry Huzenis. The red square of the logo is recognized all over the city and suburbs, and is symbolic of power and market share growth. A one-stop shop provides all Jameson agents with the competency, confidence, resources and marketing needed to reach their goals. There is a reason that Jameson was voted as the No. 1 favorite brokerage in Chicago. 


Years as a MB: Six years of brokerage management and coaching experience

Number of full-time agents: 205

Describe the office space: The newly designed and fully rehabbed office space spans over 20,000 square feet on four levels. We have state-of-the-art technology with conference rooms on each floor. There are flatscreens with rolling scroll inventory and listing advertising to the community at the corner of Hudson and North Avenues. Our space has a break room with vending, television and a full-service kitchen. Our theater-style meeting space is used for company meetings and professional development training. Also, we have agent desk and office space with resource areas and hotel desks for hot synching. 

Tech provided: On-site help desk support and technology department; virtual assistant; Microsoft Exchange e-mail server with secure Webmail and remote access to mailboxes via Outlook/Entourage software; support for wirelessly syncing PDA/Smartphones; Web-based company intranet and mobile access to your own personal user folder, as well as company shared documents for single listings and developments; Cisco VoIP phone system that includes voicemail notifications, forwarding and mobility; wireless and ethernet Internet connections from every office location, wireless printing and shared computers available for agent use. 


Administrative staff: We have a full administrative support staff that services commercial, residential, marketing and business development. The office is open seven days a week, while the management team is available virtually 24/7. 

Management support: The management team has years of experience with a diverse professional background. With over two decades of brokerage management and an extensive sales history in residential, commercial and development, the staff is well prepared to assist agents with their personal and professional growth. 


Where did you learn the business: I learned the essentials of real estate when I was a motivational speaker and consultant helping others grow their own business. The first step to real estate is to understand it is not about the transaction, but about building relationships.

Why real estate: Because of hope and opportunity, this industry allows for people to be creative and entrepreneurial. One can fulfill all of their goals personally and professionally.

What makes Jameson different from any other brokerage: Jameson’s commitment to agent development is what makes us different. With a professional business development division committed to personal coaching, training and strategic planning, Jameson agents are among the top brokers in the city and suburbs because they have a business plan that they implement daily.

“I chose Jameson because of the years of experience and reputation. With the recent addition of an aggressive marketing and branding platform, I feel they are positioned to grow market share in all aspects of real estate.” -Chris Irwin, Vice President, Sales, Jameson Commercial Real Estate

”My No. 1 reason Jameson is my second home is because of the experienced management team that is easily accessible. Their personal approach to creating a team environment is evident in their constant interaction with agents, continuing education, tech support and innovative marketing.” -Linda Levin, Vice President, Sales, Jameson Residential Real Estate 


Ron Ruby
Weichert, Realtors

First Chicago
River North,


”Do onto others as you would have others do unto you, and Weichert works.”


Years as a MB: 10

Number of full-time agents: 16

Describe the office space: Trendy, modern, casual loft-style with touches of Weichert yellow.

Tech provided: State-of-the-art facility from Wi-Fi to commercial grade color printers.
Parking: Parking is readily available within one-half block of the office.


Where did you grow up: Pill Hill on Chicago’s South Side

Where did you learn the business: I started at Jameson when they had a separate commercial office in the River North Courthouse building.

Industry relationships: My partners in Weichert are developers, and I have learned a tremendous amount about the entire development process through my involvement with them.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I have a broad knowledge in all areas of real estate including development, commercial, residential sales and leasing. I also have a strong desire and passion to mentor others.

Who do you admire: Jim Weichert, who started Weichert Realtors 40 years ago at the age of 19 by handing out business cards at the local train station. Through his continued leadership, Weichert currently has over $70 billion in annual sales. I also admire my dad, who attended law school at age 45 and today is an attorney and college professor. 

“Ron has been a great mentor and has made learning about real estate an enjoyable process. Whether its 5:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m., I can count on him to help me. Also, Weichert has provided me with all the tools and systems I’ve needed to successfully grow my business.”
-Tara Furnari, Agent, Weichert, Realtors¨ – First Chicago, 4 years


Ayoub Rabah

Great Street Properties



Years as a MB: 6 years

Number of full-time agents: 9

Describe the office space: We have two offices at 22 N. Morgan in a courtyard, loft building in the West Loop and an office in Schaumburg and Hammond, Ind. 

Desk setup: All the agents and assistants have their own workstation.

Parking: The West Loop office has plenty of street parking.


Administrative staff: Our office doors are open M-F, 9-5:30. We have a receptionist and two general executive assistants, as well as teams to cover each aspect of the REO/real estate sales process.

MLS assistance: We have an MLS Coordinator who handles all of our company’s MLS-related work.


Where did you grow up: Western Springs, Ill.

Why real estate: I have always had a passion for real estate. It is a fundamental staple for life: food and shelter. I like a good meal, but I love putting together a great deal and witnessing the joy of a new homeowner when they finally get to realize their dreams. 

Industry relationships: We work very closely with some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Who do you admire: Our brave troops

“I enjoy being part of Great Street Properties because of the dynamic, goal-driven atmosphere. There is a new opportunity everyday.” -Cristina Chadwick, Great Street Properties


Jim Roth

The Real Estate Group


PERSONAL MOTTO: Doing the right thing rarely results in the wrong outcome.

Years as a MB: 7 

Number of full-time agents: 44′

Describe the office space: It’s really a business center with 3,500 square feet – utilizing the space with open work stations, conference rooms, private offices and individual desk space. 

Tech provided: Our systems are all Web based, our communication systems (voice and data) are VoIP and our transaction management system and marketing tools are all Web-centric. 

Conference rooms: 3

Parking: Street – both metered and free


Administrative staff: We have a central transaction manager who oversees all the files. The goal is to give business attention where agents need it. Normal office hours (9-5), but always available via cell/text/e-mail.
MLS support: Part of the transaction management process, tailored to fit the individual agent/transaction 

Management support: I am the acting broker, and I give support and direction as requested. TREG agents are exceptional, they understand that they are CEO of their business and are empowered to act as such to insure the best results for their clients. I am a broker, not a babysitter. 


Where did you grow up: Ottawa, Ill.

Why real estate: Because it is never boring, and your efforts can be very rewarding

What makes you different from any other managing broker: We are a hybrid company. My organization is focused on providing services to experienced agents. My attention is focused on creating a competitive advantage for TREG agents with our systems. 

Who do you admire: My mom and my wife

“I chose TREG because the business model gives me the competitive advantage and autonomy that my previous broker and others do not. It is a company equipped with the efficient systems, culture and vision that are necessary for the ever-changing needs of our marketplace.” -Stephanie Wesson, The Real Estate Group


Nick Libert

Exit Strategy Realty


”Work hard, play hard and empower lives through real estate daily!


Years as a MB: 8

Number of full-time agents: 15

Tech provided: We provide 24/7 coaching and training online through our university, as well as weekly webinars and coaching calls. Our Exit E-listings program allows for syndication between all major real estate sites and social networks for listing promotion. Our PromoShop tool is an automatic branding and marketing machine for our agents to connect with their database. We even pay our agent bonuses through electronic funds transfer!

Desk setup: Our office setup is both on site and virtual. We have a great location in Lakeview with free parking during the day, ultra high-speed Internet and multiple printers. We also have a virtual Realtor assistant who assists with agents” larger project needs. Our agents stay connected through our Twitter and Facebook pages as well.

What sets your office apart: What really sets us apart is our compensation. The Exit Formula of 70 percent base splits, 10 percent sponsoring bonuses, no desk fees and 90 percent commissions after their first $100,000 in GCI gives agents extra income at a time we all need it. 


What makes you different from any other managing broker: I believe my commitment to our agents 24/7 shows through when times are tough. My job is not just to help agents sell more real estate – it’s to give them the tools, technology and discipline to truly build and run their own business.

Who do you admire: I truly admire Steve Morris, who founded our company after being an executive at RE/MAX for decades, for his vision and innovation. His concept of residual income that can be taken with you when you retire from real estate and willed to your beneficiaries, solves many of the basic cash flow problems inherent in real estate.

“I have been working with Nick my entire 3.5-year career in real estate and he has taught me how to master my database and market myself as an individual. He makes himself available 24/7 and ensures we have and understand every tool and benefit that is part of the Exit franchise.” -Ryan Lee, Agent, Exit Strategy Realty


Arthur R. van der Vant

Major Enterprises, Inc.


 “Success is helping others succeed.”

This year is Major’s 20th Anniversary. Major Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1989 and will continue to prosper in the years to come. Major’s forward vision and clear understanding of the economy and the real estate industry allowed it to see in advance what was coming. About two years ago, Major transformed itself into a new model and while others cut down, Major has invested approximately $600,000 so its agents would have a better opportunity to succeed in the future. Major has established five new divisions and expanded its services to be well positioned for the next 20 years.


Years as a MB: 17

Number of full-time agents: 154

Describe the office space: In addition to regular brick and mortar offices, Major offers a cutting-edge virtual office environment that allows its agents to work from anywhere.

Tech provided: Major has the best technology in the state of Illinois and the most advanced business processes.
How many conference rooms do you have? There are three physical conference rooms available to agents, in addition to online meeting technology.

Parking: Private parking is available at Major’s Niles office.


Administrative staff: Administrative staff is available. Major uses a Web-based transaction management system. In addition to paper files, all transactional documents are available in the digital format online to all participants based on their role in a transaction.
MLS assistance: At Major, all listings are entered into the MLS by the office staff. Major provides quality control on all listings and contracts and keeps agents involved through its transaction management system.

Management support: The managing broker is available all the time and offers one-on-one advice and training.


Where did you grow up: Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland

Where did you learn real estate: Started on January 17, 1987 in Chicago.

Why real estate: I love the real estate business and can not imagine doing anything else.

Industry relationships: Working in real estate for 22 years allowed me to develop an extensive network of friends.

What makes you different from any other managing broker? I am the real expert in real estate, I know this business inside out. In addition to real estate brokerage and property management, I owned and operated a title insurance company, a mortgage company and a construction and development company. I am a licensed CE Instructor and pre-licensing instructor. I hold the following designations: CCIM, AARE, PRI, CNE, CIPS, CRB, CRS, GRI, ABR, RECS, ePRO, SRES and RERE.

“As I got to know more about Arthur and Major, I realized that the atmosphere and tools are there to get to where I want to go. Frankly, I think I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to be fun and exciting!”
-Michael J. Elliott, 
Major Enterprises


Sean J. Conlon

CONLON: A Real Estate Company


”Qui audet adipiscitur – He who dares wins” 
When I entered into the residential real estate market over 16 years ago, I soon became one of the leading agents in the country. I believe my success is the result of both a hands-on approach and hard work. CONLON: A Real Estate Company is based on the same customer-oriented principles and tradition of excellence which made me so successful. CONLON is a boutique real estate firm that provides our clients with the best guidance in a highly personalized environment. Our “back to the basic” approach reflects our intention to use basic principles in our business model, and our philosophy that having the highest standards in terms of customer service will set us apart. 


Years owning companies: Almost 10

Number of full-time agents: 65 

Describe the office space: I designed our offices to have an urban feel while providing the polish that one would expect from a boutique firm. My goal was to create an open environment, which encourages collaboration where experienced agents can coach newer ones while still providing for the privacy imperative for agents to incubate their own business. 

Tech provided: We remain ahead of the curve and tech savvy, embracing the latest technology and integrating those tools into our “Back to Basics” real estate approach.

Desk setup: Our agents have access to both of our offices and all their services and amenities (with assigned cubicle space), or can choose to work remotely from home. 
Conference rooms: There are two at our Lake Street location and we have one at our Roscoe location. 

Parking: There is street parking at both locations and we also offer a valet service at our Lake Street location.


Administrative staff: We have an administrative team that is in the offices Monday through Saturday during normal business hours, while a few members remain on-call and reachable during closed business hours. We also have a dedicated and exceptional marketing team who handles each property and personal marketing material requests from our agents. We believe that our staff manages the administrative aspect of real estate so that our agents can focus on what they do best, real estate sales. 

MLS assistance: Our staff handles all MLS data entry, changes, etc. 

Management support: The management team has a hands-on approach and is always reachable. I make it a point to consistently listen, encourage and share my expertise and knowledge with our agents. Everyone is connected via hand-held devices for close to an instant response. 


Where did you grow up: I was born in Birmingham, England in 1969 and moved to Ireland with my Irish parents in 1972. We set up home in Rathangan, a small village in county Kildare, Ireland. I was one of five children. 

Where did you learn the real estate business? I immigrated to America from Ireland in 1990, and found work as a janitor, working in various buildings within the city. At the same time, I got my real estate license and began learning the business through the “school of hard knocks,” cold-calling and routinely working 100-plus hour weeks. In 1993, I joined Koenig & Strey and soon after, while still in my early 20’s, I became recognized as one of the leading sellers of residential real estate in the U.S. 

Why real estate: I was drawn by the tangibility of real estate, both the actual property as well as the transaction, and by the fact that this is an industry in which compensation is directly dictated by one’s work ethic. 
What makes you different from any other owner: I would say my contrarian investment style, which has most recently brought me back to the residential real estate market with CONLON. During the past two recessions in the mid-90s and more recently in 2001/2002, I managed to thrive and grow my companies and real estate investments. I think what sets CONLON apart is our back-to-basics approach, which reflects our intention to use basic principles in our business model, and is complimented by our philosophy that having the highest standards in terms of customer service will set us apart. We provide our clients with the best guidance in a highly personalized environment. 

“Since joining CONLON: A Real Estate Company a month ago, I have put more properties under contract than I have closed over the entire year. The combination of his unrivaled reputation as a businessman and my zealous work ethic are a perfect match.” -John Robinson, CONLON: A Real Estate Company


Craig Hogan
Managing Broker

Keller Williams Gold Coast 


“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”


Years as a MB: 2

Number of full-time agents: 102

Describe the office space: Located at 676 N. Michigan, we are on the 30th floor of the Omni Hotel Business Tower. The office is elegant with a great vibe and stellar views.

Tech provided: Full-time tech person on staff. Wireless office with access from anywhere on the floor. Web site management assistance. Two state-of-the-art printing presses for full-color brochures of any paper stock.

Desk setup: We have desks for those who like to work in house at no charge, and full virtual capabilities for those who like to work remotely.

Conference rooms: We have one conference room in the office, but access to whatever we need since we are at the Omni Hotel.

Parking: Quite a bit of street parking, as well as discounted monthly parking at The Fordham garage.


Administrative staff: We have a staff of three full-time and ready-to-assist agents between 8 and 5:30 every day.
MLS assistance: Our agents can choose between full MLS (MRED) access or have our office staff serve them fully for a small fee.

Management support: We provide some of the best coaching and mentoring in the business. Weekly sales meetings and in-house training that is truly second to none.


Where did you grow up: Houston, Texas until 1994 
Where did you learn the business: Right here in Chicago, but I’m a fourth-generation Realtor. I always said I would never do what my parents and grandparents did – who knew?

Why real estate: It’s in my blood, I still wake up every day and love what I do.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: It’s my passion for what I do and for my agents. 

Who do you admire: The agents who get up every day and work at gaining market share and becoming better no matter what the market is. 

“I think Keller Williams Gold Coast office is the best place because of the ongoing educational opportunities, a culture of cooperation and broker support. Broker Craig Hogan and the leadership team have created a culture where learning happens every day – either in small groups led by experienced agents or one on one.” -Liz Cougot, Keller Williams Gold Coast


Susan Swift
Team Leader

Keller Williams Lincoln Park 


My goal is to inspire others to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, their communities and the world!


Years as a MB: 14 years

Number of full-time agents: 100

Describe the office space: We have approximately 6,000 square feet 

Desk setup: Agents can choose from private or semi-private office space, cubicles or virtual space; there is something for everyone.

Conference rooms: 2

Parking: There is non-metered street parking.


Administrative staff: There is an Agent Services Coordinator who is there to support agents with marketing, technology and agent services. The Market Center Administrator handles all the financial functions and, most importantly, paying agents’ commissions. The Director of First Impression handles the phones, faxes and paperwork, and a certified trainer has ongoing training programs for agents at every level of their business development. Unique to KW is the Agent Leadership Council, comprised of the top agents in the office who serve as a “board of directors.” They represent their fellow agents in decisions that determine how the company runs. 
MLS assistance: The staff handles MLS input and maintenance.
Management support: The Team Leader trains, coaches and supports the agents on every aspect of their business and personal growth.


Where did you grow up: I grew up in Rogers Park. 
Where did you learn the business: I have been lucky enough to be in business with some incredibly talented professionals. I surround myself with those who are high minded, learning based and committed to success.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: We are lucky to have some great managing brokers in Chicago. What sets me apart is that I don’t manage agents, I consider myself their business partner. My role in the partnership is to coach and consult them and provide the resources they need to reach their goals both professionally and personally.

“Susan Swift is truly a team leader, fostering strong participation of agents like myself in the office and putting force behind the KW belief that I as an agent don’t exist for the company’s brand, rather the company exists to foster MY brand (and my success).” -Bill Bein, Keller Williams


Dave Camp
Managing Broker/Team Leader

Keller Williams Lincoln Square


”Do what you know is right, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

Years as a MB: 19 months

Number of full-time agents: About 60

Describe the office space: A beautiful new state-of-the-art office that we opened about four months ago. It’s a great corner location across from Wells Park, so we get a lot of neighborhood traffic.

Tech provided: We have six resource computers, and we’re 100 percent Wi-Fi, so agents can use their laptop at their desk or anywhere on site. Publishing quality color printer which also has an e-mail function. Our VoIP phone system is all Internet based. Each agent has a direct dial number as well as personal e-fax number. Agents can program their phone and fax remotely to do just about anything. 

Desk setup: We offer personal desk space and hotel stations for our agents. We also have a couple of private office spaces.
Conference rooms: One smaller room, and a training room that can be converted into larger conference spaces 

Parking: Parking on Montrose and Lincoln all around the office is free! 


Administrative staff: We have an Agent Services Coordinator and our Market Center Accountant (MCA)/office manager full time Monday through Friday. All marketing and processing of closing checks is done on site.

MLS assistance: Our agents can input their own listings, but the Agent Services Coordinator can take care of any MLS needs. 
Leadership support: Our leadership group includes myself, our MCA and our Agent Leadership Council, which is comprised of invited agents from the top 20 percent of our roster. We train, coach and consult with our agents on a regular basis, as well as the hands-on functions of running a real estate office. My agents all have my cell phone and know they can call me anytime.


Where did you grow up: Beautiful Bucks County, Pa., 25 miles from Philadelphia

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I believe my agents understand that I truly care about them and their career. They trust in how I coach them with their business and any client issues, because they know I have worked as a Realtor at a high level. 

“Dave is an excellent leader for our office. He is a successful agent and team leader in his own right so he gets that respect from the agents. His energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor means we have a great atmosphere in our office.” -Chris Dwyer, Keller Williams


Shawn Preuss
Managing Broker/Team Leader

Keller Williams West Loop


Mastery at what you do comes from mastery at who you are. 


Years as a MB: 1
Number of full-time agents: 22

Describe the office space: Warm and friendly with a nice conference room. In a great location, hotel-style, open cubicles and plug and play stations. Private offices for teams, team leader/broker and support staff. 

Tech provided: Resource center with four maintained computers with USB storage capabilities, wireless and wired Internet service, individual phone numbers and voicemail, wireless color/black and white printer with fax and scanning. Personalized e-fax numbers, scan to PDF service, large conference room with flat screen TV and computer inputs, computer with wireless keyboard/mouse and professional presentation binding equipment.

Conference rooms: One

Parking: Street parking


Administrative staff: We have a front desk receptionist/agent services coordinator and an office manager present 8:30-5, Monday through Friday.

Management support: Management offers business coaching and consulting, training/mentoring, broker/license law issues, recruiting/growth and fundraising/community support.


Where did you grow up: I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and for a short time lived in a small town in Colorado.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I have an “inside – out” perspective. From years of coaching sports I understand that the stronger the core, the stronger the athlete. I use that perspective in the office and devote time to coaching my agents. If they are strong and feel good about themselves and their business, that will translate outside the office and with their clientele. 

Who do you admire: I admire anyone who has the courage to break through limitations and work toward their potential and in the process learn the secret of serving others. 

“Being a Keller Williams agent is like having a entire pit crew around you at all times, the tools and resources you need are within reach and you know you can go to a member on the pit crew and they will give you all the support they can to get you back in the race.” -Sam Powell, Professional Realtor since 2002


George Schultz
Vice President, Brokerage Services Chicago

@properties, Bucktown


“Listen first. Never be quick to form an opinion. There are always two sides to every story, and it is important to have empathy when responding to anyone you deal with.”

Years as a MB: 2 

Number of full-time agents: 115

Describe the office space: Intimate, personal, professional and accessible 

Tech provided: Multiple floor computers for agents that are just stopping by for quick access to a computer or printer.

Support staff in all areas, whether it is IT, marketing, MLS maintenance or design. 

Desk setup: We have about 40 desks on two floors; our agents work on site as well as at home. 

Conference rooms: One conference room that is equipped with a large flat screen, computer and conferencing capabilities. 

Parking: Neighborhood parking that is not zoned, very convenient and easy


Administrative staff: We have contract administration and reception on site daily with IT and marketing support as well.

MLS assistance: We handle all MLS input and changes so that our agents can focus on providing the best service to their clients.

Management support: We work as a team. All of our brokers are available 24/7 to talk through issues, develop marketing plans or just for support. We also have free performance coaches and many educational opportunities we offer throughout the year.


Why real estate: Initially, I got into real estate to supplement my income while pursuing my acting career, but I realized a passion for the industry’s challenges and rewards. Acting does not always offer rewards for hard work. In this business, if you work hard, you are rewarded on a daily basis.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I am always here to listen to what my agents need, recognize the issues they face and develop a strategy to meet all challenges. I care about every one of them and their success in reaching their individual goals. 
”George Schultz is a natural leader. His ability to motivate and guide his agents is only surpassed by his desire for their success.” -David Wolf, 7 years with @properties


Peter Moulton
Vice President, Brokerage Services Evanston/North Shore 



“Pretty simple – Serve. Live. Learn. Lead. Risk.”


Years as a MB: 4 years
Number of full-time agents: We have grown the Evanston office from zero to 43 agents since August 2009. We will have 100 productive agents by June of 2010. We are also opening an office in Winnetka by June 2010. 

Tech provided: We have included every possible amenity: wireless network enabling agents to sit anywhere in the office, copy machine that scans faxes and e-mails, print center and graphic design.

Desk setup: We tried to create a highly efficient model that includes “hoteling,” as well as the traditional desk model. As we own all of our offices, we have not mired ourselves with the same huge bricks and mortar costs as our competitors, enabling us to spend more money on services to our clients, the agents.

Parking: Indoor garage parking at 1800 Sherman building. There is also ample street parking. 


Administrative staff: Present every day all day, we believe that it is our job to always maintain a presence within the office to be of service to our agents.

MLS assistance: We do all of the administrative work for our agents.

Management support: I believe and have been taught that a managing broker is there to care for the office and the agents while always working to maintain a profitable business. Brokers are many things, mostly we are “resource choreographers,” and our job is to be available at the right time, with the right advice and the right tools to address the specific circumstance. It is also our job to fundamentally believe that everything can be done better all of the time. Complacency is the death of innovation and success!


Where did you grow up: I grew up on Chicago’s North Shore. Specifically in Winnetka and Wilmette. I currently live in Wilmette with my wife and three kids. 

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I believe that if we concentrate on flawless execution and raise the bar as high as possible on client service (our clients being the agents we are privileged to serve) no one will be able to compete with us. We simply do it better.
”It’s an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by infectious optimism of people who believe in the promise of a bright future and work hard to achieve it.” -Martin Walsh, Consultant, @properties since May 2009


Pam Tilton
Executive Vice President, Brokerage Services

@properties, Gold Coast/Streeterville


”Do what you like, like what you do”


Years as a MB: 4

Number of full-time agents: 200-plus

Describe the office space: We have a full suite, plus our training center is in the same building. We are currently expanding to our fourth floor to house our growing commercial division. Our Gold Coast/Streeterville office is an open and contemporary space and works well. 

Tech provided: Our technology is, in my opinion, the best in the city. We have just launched our new Web site, which is critically acclaimed as one of the best in the industry. We have in-house IT support that is incredible and available to all agents.
Desk setup: If agents come in every day we make accommodations for them. The majority of our agents have home offices, though our work environment provides the agents with all the tools they need and when they are in the office they effectively communicate with other agents. The camaraderie is amazing and it makes for a great place to work.

Conference rooms: 2

Parking: There are several options, some do monthly parking, discounted daily parking or metered street parking if available.


Administrative staff: Business hours and on weekends, too.

Management support: Open door policy – available in person, through e-mail and cell phone. All of the managing brokers work as a team, so if one is not available you can call any one of us anytime.


Where did you grow up: Oak Park /River Forest

Why real estate: When I first started out, it was the flexibility with my schedule and the financial benefits of the harder you work the more money you made. 
What makes you different from any other managing broker: I think all of us at @properties strive to be the best by listening to agents wholeheartedly, handling difficult situations and trying to make @properties the best place to work for all. We try to focus on helping the agents to work together as a team. 

“When I left my very successful business at my previous firm, Pam eased my fears, held my hand and provided me the assurance to move my successful business to @ and has been there to guide me to the resources and tools available. My business is booming in a down market due to the wonderful support @ provides me daily.” -Mike Levin, @properties, 3 years


Jeanine McShea 
President, Brokerage Services

Lincoln Park, Lakeview


”You can have a bad day today, but tomorrow it’s over, and new opportunities surround you.”


Years as a MB: 9

Number of full-time agents: 300 full-time agents at Clybourn, and 80 full-time agents at Greenview

Desk setup: Our desk set up for the agents is on-site, shared open desk areas. All our offices are wireless with network printers throughout. The shared desk set up works well, it provides energy and collaboration between the agents.


Administrative staff: We have an incredible administrative staff with presence seven days a week. All of the offices have front desk, marketing, contract admin., IT and coaches present throughout the week.
Management support: Our agents receive full management support. I feel the @properties agents are my clients and my friends, and I pride myself on accessibility to the agents. Our entire management team is accessible to the agents at all times, including owners Thad Wong and Mike Golden. My background includes real estate sales for over 15 years in Chicago, so hopefully I can bring experience to the table.


Where did you grow up: I grew up in the Midwest, born in Tulsa, Okla., lived in Kansas City, and then moved to Elgin for high school. I graduated college from Winona State University in Minnesota, moved to Chicago after college and never left. I will always live here; I love Chicago!

Where did you learn real estate: Learned the real estate biz in Chicago, and earned my real estate sales license in 1986. I started with a small office in DePaul, worked at Jameson and Coldwell Banker, and joined @properties in 2003. @properties has been a gift to me in both education and my relationships I have here. 

“I have been fortunate to work with Jeanine for the past 25 years. Jeanine maintains an extraordinary work ethic and she does it with a smile. She practices an open door policy so she is always available to talk family, friends or problem solve industry issues.” -Beth F. Wexner, Senior Sales Associate, @properties


Nancy Nagy
Senior Vice President 
and Branch Executive

Koenig & Strey Gold Coast


”Wisdom is knowing the right path to take, integrity is taking it.”


Years as a MB: 16 years

Number of full-time agents: 144

Describe the office space: Located on the 17th floor of the Bloomingdales building, our beautifully appointed Gold Coast office features spectacular furnishings, superior marketing resources, comprehensive training, extensive technology and a supportive administrative team. 

Tech provided: We provide a full suite of Web-based agent tools including CMA’s, e-marketing and sophisticated single property Web sites and stand-alone agent Web sites. We offer hands-on training sessions in the office each week, training videos and an agent blog to ensure that agents are using all tools to their highest capacity. Our parent company, HomeServices of America, Inc., gives us even greater access to proven best-in-class technology solutions.

Desk setup: The traditional full-service office with desks, administrative staff, resource room and conference areas is complemented by satellite locations that provide meeting space and convenient access to company resources as well as Web-based tools that allow agents to work almost entirely virtually. 


Administrative staff: Our full-time administrative staff includes a receptionist and incoming call support, MLS and closing coordinators and a dedicated marketing group.

Management support: The role of a manager is to help agents understand the business and how to bring together all of the resources available to offer the best service to the client. We provide coaching, mentoring, advanced agent development programs with an emphasis on real-world experience for the industry fundamentals as well as the evolving business, in-office training on current topics and new issues. 


Where did you grow up: South Bend, Ind.

Why real estate: There is nothing more honorable than helping someone find a home. To create an office environment that supports agents and enables them to offer this service with professionalism, dignity and compassion is a wonderful career.

Who do you admire: I admire strong leadership, someone who motivates without controlling and brings out the best in you. I admire Doug Ayers because he exemplifies this. 

“Nancy Nagy has standout qualities that put her in a league of her own. Her problem solving abilities consistently reflect sound business thinking and are always presented in a straightforward manner. There is never a doubt that when I go to Nancy for her thoughts, guidance or problem solving that I will get clear, concise and ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ advice.” -Jane Field, Koenig & Strey


Chuck Goro
Senior Vice President 
and Branch Executive

Koenig & Strey Lincoln Park


“Always do the right thing! Your integrity is who you are.”


Years as a MB: 29 years total

Number of full-time agents: 165

Tech provided: We provide a comprehensive set of Web-based productivity tools. CMA’s, e-marketing and training videos. This year saw the rollout of a sleek new Web site, new marketing programs and a fantastic lead generation program. Also, Koenig & Strey recently announced an exciting new relationship with the Real Living network. Real Living will strengthen Koenig & Strey’s reputation and bolster the available marketing and technology tools. 

Desk setup: A suite of Web-based agent productivity tools allows associates to work almost entirely virtually. We provide a full-service office with desks, technology center, support staff and meeting space. Smaller boutique locations provide meeting space and convenient access to company resources. 


Administrative staff: We have a full-time staff dedicated to assisting agents with all of their needs. Our staff includes an MLS coordinator, closing coordinator, marketing managers and graphic design staff.
MLS assistance: We have full-time MLS coordinators.

Management support: My job is to help agents understand the real estate process and help them work their way through difficult situations that arise. My business philosophy is based on the idea that we are all working together in this industry. This business is all about people. We sell homes for people and to people. If we do not understand how the real estate process affects our clients, what their expectations are and how the end result benefits them, then we have failed at our job. 


Where did you grow up: I grew up in Chicago at Burling and Wrightwood in a three-flat owned by my grandfather. 

Where did you learn the real estate business: I got into the real estate business through a high school friend, Tim Glascott of Glascott & Associates. Tim was an offensive tackle on the DePaul football team with me, he not only led the way for my runs, but also mentored me in the real estate business. 

Why real estate: I enjoy being able to help people find suitable homes for their families. I consider Chicago to be one of the greatest places in the world to live, raise a family and enjoy the local culture.

“Koenig & Strey’s Lincoln Park office has been a wonderful place to work and prosper as an agent. Working with Chuck Goro for the past 13 years has been an incredible experience for me. He is truly irreplaceable.”-Natasha Motev

“The agents, the staff and Chuck make Koenig & Strey’s Lincoln Park office the place that I am proud to call my home away from home for the past 10 years. Fun times, great energy and a real sense of caring have made this the most amazing real estate office.”-Emily Sachs Wong


Bill Stegeman 
Managing Broker

Baird & Warner
Lincoln Park

bairdwarner.com; bwfacebook.com 

Baird & Warner’s Lincoln Park Office associates are some of the most successful and respected agents in the industry. We are independent, tech-savvy business professionals. One thing we all have in common: we like to work hard and play hard. And it shows. Our per-agent productivity is among the highest in the city of Chicago.
We have an outstanding staff dedicated to supporting our agents. In addition to our managing broker, we have two assistant managers, two administrative assistants, a full-time marketing professional and two front desk persons. We have two on-site loan officers and a title representative to provide up-to-the-minute mortgage and title information. We also have a Technology Helpline.
Our monthly training calendar focuses on leveraging Baird & Warner’s technology, marketing tools and developing our agents’ market knowledge. Our sales meetings regularly feature some of the biggest names in the industry speaking on current market trends, short sales, foreclosures, social media and a wide range of topics to equip our associates to be the best in the business.
We also train and coach our agents to build their business through referral, working from business plans designed to connect our agents with their spheres and past clients on a regular basis.
We believe in goal setting and recognize achievement. Such recognition reinforces success and creates a positive, productive work environment.

Years as a MB: 4

Number of full-time agents: 150

Describe the office space: 8,000 square feet of ground-floor space. We are highly visible and accessible to agents, clients and walk-in traffic.

Tech provided: Wireless environment, tech support helpline, E-leads direct to agent, customizable personal Web site for every agent, Internet leads direct to agent, e-blast and contact management system, e-newsletters, Homefinder property search program, electronic marketing activity reports for sellers, Market Watch, e-based marketing and direct mail programs, BW mobile app, Baird & Warner TV and automated Craig’s List templates.

Desk setup: Private offices and private desks. Hotel desks for our mobile agents.

Conference rooms: Three large conference rooms for client presentations and group discussion. We also close many transactions in our office – agents love the convenience.

Parking: On-site reserved parking for our top agents. Monthly parking awards. Ample street parking.


Administrative staff: Two full-time administrators and one marketing professional. Once agents turn in their initial paperwork, we do the rest for them.

MLS assistance: Our MLS staff enters and keeps listings current.

Management support: With a managing broker and two assistant managers, help is always available.


Where did you grow up: Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Where did you learn the business: Selling luxury new construction for The Related Companies in New York City. That was back in the 1980s. I brought what I learned to Chicago and built a successful career as a top agent before getting into management.
Why real estate: Because I love sales and helping agents build their businesses.
Industry relationships: We are Chicago’s oldest and largest privately-held real estate company. Our longstanding relationships and extensive resources throughout the industry support our agents.

What makes you different from any other managing broker: I was a top-producing agent; however, as a managing broker, I don’t sell. My focus is 100 percent on training and coaching our agents for success.

Who do you admire: People who set goals and achieve them.

“Our office does an excellent job of providing the tools that are key to my success: cutting-edge technology, professionalism, a knowledgeable managing broker, a responsive and attentive staff and an overall atmosphere of cooperative teamwork. I couldn’t be happier!” -Millie Rosenbloom, Baird & Warner


Jack Persin
Managing Broker

Ryan Hill Realty


“Your income is determined by your
philosophy, not the economy.” 
- Jim Rohn

Selling real estate is about relationships, growing your brand and finding agents that aspire to make a difference. Ryan Hill promotes an environment of open communication and team work. What differentiates a good company from a great company are the people. At Ryan Hill Realty, the agents and staff make the difference. A strong staff makes Realtors become peak performers, because it allows them to do what they do best: sell real estate. 
2009 was Ryan Hill’s year to shine. This spring, Naperville Jaycees awarded Ryan Hill Realty “Business of the Year” for Naperville. The company followed up that award in the fall by receiving another prestigious award from Naperville Magazine as “Realtor of the Year” for Naperville. The company believes in making a difference and serving the community, and many agents do volunteer work. It is a way to say thank you for doing business with Ryan Hill Realty. We continue to grow our team of agents as we continue to strive for excellence. 2009 was a great year, but the buzz is all about the anticipation of 2010.


Years as a MB: 5

Number of full-time agents: 50 

Describe the office space: Downtown Naperville setting, older building completely updated inside
Tech provided: Intranet system, fashioned for the tech-savvy agent 
Desk setup: Open with options; virtual, private and semi-private
Conference rooms: Two, plus private office areas

Parking: Parking lot behind the office, plus parking garage adjacent


s there an administrative staff? Best staff in the area. We offer marketing, administrative support and director of first impressions.
Office Hours: Monday Ð Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

MLS assistance: Experts on hand, licensed assistant (non selling staff person)
Management support: Dispute resolution, relocation director, REO manager, director of education, coaching, mentors, agent leadership team of 10, recruit manager and commercial division VP. 


Where did you grow up: Born in Bedford, Ohio. I thought it was the greatest place on earth, until I found Naperville. 

Where did you learn the real estate business? I have 22 years in this great profession. When I started in real estate I had two great mentors that coached me and inspired me. 

Why real estate: I was a sales director in the transportation industry, which kept me away from my family too often. Real estate offered flexibility and opportunity to spend more time with family and earn an income that was unlimited; hard work pays off. 
What kinds of relationships do you have within the industry: Currently, I sit on the Board of Directors for Main Street Organizations of Realtors and Illinois Association of Realtors Board. I am always working on the agent’s behalf to build solid foundations with lenders, attorneys and affiliates. The office is an active member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce. 

What makes you different from any other managing broker: Come to an office meeting the first Tuesday of any month, my style is unique. The meetings provide inspiration, training and development, and create the Ryan Hill Community. It’s not about saying you care, it is about showing you care about your business and the people that surround you.

Who do you admire: I love and admire my wife, Diane. Also, my father, he gave me the foundation to live by: “be there for the people you love.” He was my coach growing up, from baseball to life, he was always there. 
What I admire: Ryan Hill Realty Realtors, they strive for excellence, they find the best of every situation. I admire perseverance. I admire people that do good deeds!

“Ryan Hill Realty is keeping up with current market trends and now has its own REO Division. Not only has that expanded our company, adding additional agents every month, our traditional real estate business has grown. It’s an exciting time to be involved with Ryan Hill Realty.” -Scott McFarlan, Agent, Ryan Hill Realty

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