The Search for Truth

by Chicago Agent

By Agent X
It’s been said that truth was the first U.S. casualty of the war in Iraq. If this is true, then was truth the first casualty in the lending market that led this great nation to its highest foreclosure level in history?

With the arrival of CA’s Short Sales and Foreclosures Issue, we should take a step back as a group, look beyond the new opportunity that this creates for Realtors and mortgage folks alike, and do what we can to prevent these situations from repeating themselves.

Although short sales and foreclosures are the tried and true financial tools used by experienced and well-read Realtors in bad times, we need to look in the mirror to ask the question populated by the Talking Heads, “How did I get here?”

The past is the past and future is now ­— Agent X challenges all the loyalists and all the serious contenders still standing to ensure that truth not only survives the casualty list, but is first and foremost the most important life we save.

I’ll hop off my soapbox now and get to the juicy goodness that you all expect from Agent X. Though I am virtually everywhere, I still need you readers to be my eyes and ears and let me know every gritty morsel you overhear around the watercooler, or who you spotted making out at last week’s open house. E-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll make sure everyone reads the scoop, and remember I never give away my sources.

The slush and cold weather has kept most people huddled in a cave, but there were a ton of snow bunnies that made it to the CRF party at the Landmark Bar and Grill. I’m still trying to remember everything that happened at the jam-packed Crystal Ball late last year — they sure know how to throw a good party. Then, the after-party got pretty cozy when everyone squeezed into a tiny room and got down to multiple kinds of business. There’s also a rumor that someone new might be joining the CRF team. Across, town, we discovered that Jennifer Arons has left her post at Centrum, leaving us wondering: Oh Jennifer, where art thou?

We have a lot of birthdays coming early this month, which makes sense since it falls nine months after May, when the snow melts and people tend to get frisky. Brian Bernardoni will pause from worrying about taxes this month to celebrate his birthday. Other early February birthdays include Daniel Gonzalez on Feb. 2, Keven Ewing on Feb. 4, Caitlin O’Connor – Perazic and Rachel Montiel on Feb. 10, with Anna Tabeau’s on the 11th. Darla Kehn and Maria Greenberg should be pleased that their Feb. 13 birthdays don’t fall on a Friday. Laura Medina will party down on Feb. 14, but she might have a hard time getting reservations if she plans on heading to a romantic spot.

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