Josh Heiks, Sr. Home Lending Advisor CPC

Chase Bank


Clients often praise Josh Heiks for consistently communicating with them throughout the transaction process and checking in after closing.

“I have found that follow-through and keeping my promises is valued,” says Heiks, a home lending advisor CPC with Chase Bank. “I’m regularly rewarded with clients who come back after I have helped them previously.”

Being part of a team allows him to bounce ideas off co-workers and gives everyone a chance to learn from each other and continue to fine-tune their mortgage expertise. With the ability to lend in all 50 states and the vast knowledge he’s gained from 16 years in the industry, Heiks gets great satisfaction from matching clients with solutions that help them achieve their lending goals.

Passionate about the business, he keeps borrowers’ best interests at the center of everything he does, always trying to exceed expectations. “I want to get to know my clients, what they’re looking to accomplish and what their ultimate dream is,” he explains. “By knowing these things, I am better positioned to help guide them on the path to achieving them.”

Now that pandemic-driven sales have declined significantly and interest rates have dramatically risen, he knows it’s even more important to stay in contact with clients, potential clients and internal and external referral partners. “People need financial advice now more than ever,” he says.

Informally, his colleagues in the banking centers turn to him for advice to help them better serve their clients. As a result, he has been selected to serve as a mentor and trainer for new mortgage bankers. 

Prior to mortgage banking, Heiks managed cell phone stores, an experience that involved tending to a team, customer service and sales — all skills he applies to lending. “I really enjoy being part of the Chase Bank team,” he says. “I have a great relationship with all my banking partners and have made many good friends.”

Married with two active boys, Heiks coaches youth soccer and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors going hiking, biking, hunting and snowmobiling.

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