Sheryl Graff and Michael Graff, Brokers

The Graff Group

A lifelong native of the northwest Chicago suburbs, Sheryl Graff, a broker for the Graff Group, helps guide the dynamic duo to a resounding success in every transaction. Always having a strong interest in the industry, Sheryl received her MBA in real estate from DePaul and quickly got to work on her career. Before coming to real estate, Sheryl worked in corporate finance for a number of years, which she says helped her effectively value residential real estate and identify trends before the competition.

Originally working in the commercial real estate sector, Michael Graff joined Sheryl to help form The Graff group in 2020, joining Sheryl on the residential side. Michael also hails from the northwest suburbs, and thoroughly enjoys working in the same community that he grew up in. It gives him an insightful perspective on the market for new buyers, allowing him to speak informatively and definitively–something that’s invaluable to many of his clients.

Sheryl’s extensive experience and Michael’s deep knowledge of the market allow the two to provide an analytical and smooth experience for each of their clients. Always making sure to get to know each client personally, the two receive most of their business through satisfied previous clients and their referrals. One of their proudest recent professional accomplishments, however, was selling a home for nearly $2 million. “It was an extensive marketing campaign.” says Sheryl.

Outside of the office, Sheryl loves reading, riding her new Peloton bike, and spending as much time with friends and family as possible. Michael enjoys hockey, skiing and just about any other outdoor activity. Always looking out for new opportunities, the two even have a personal interest in investment properties and building wealth through ownership.

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