Lisa Evans, Real Estate Agent


For the past six years, Compass real estate agent, Lisa Evans has served renters and first-time homebuyers in Chicago and its western outskirts. After starting out in the heart of the city, she later began to branch out, working with clients looking to lay suburban roots. Evans brings a wealth of local knowledge to share with her clients, as she hails from the western Chicago suburbs, and has called many different places in the Chicagoland area home. With a background in hospitality and event sales, Evans now focuses exclusively on real estate, wherein she feels she can best help people.

“Very often, people change who they are in order to attract a certain audience,” she shares. “I feel that being myself helps me connect with my clients and provide better service.” In this spirit, Evans recognizes that buying or selling a home is just as much an emotional transaction as it is a financial one. She prides herself on being patient, supportive and managing stress throughout the process — a skill she has mastered while servicing a diverse client base. By anticipating her clients’ needs and answering difficult questions before they’re asked, she brings a human touch to each transaction. “I also keep communication open and flowing throughout the whole process, which I think helps alleviate a lot of the stress,” she notes. Her approach has led to Evans and many of her clients becoming friends.

Evans’s drive and optimism shined through in the past year, as she doubled her sales from the previous year and secured nearly 100 rental leases. Her team, Modern Living, was recognized as a Top Producer by the Chicago Association of Realtors in 2020 and 2021. When she’s not cultivating her vast professional network, she’s active with a local pet rescue group and regularly adds to her fur family by fostering homeless pets. She’s also proud to have purchased her first home in the past year and enjoys traveling, hiking and camping with her husband and their two rescue dogs.

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