Pablo Galarza, Agent and Leader

The Galarza Team

While many people encounter setbacks on the road of life, Pablo Galarza has definitely encountered more than his fair share. A first-generation Mexican-American, Pablo was born in Chicago and grew up in the Little Village, a neighborhood that still struggles with gang violence and crime. However, all of his experiences have ultimately led him to where he is today: A top-producing agent and the leader of the Galarza Team, which he runs with his wife, Margarita, and daughter, Vivian.

When Galarza’s daughter was only a month old, he was shot in the head by a random drive-by and almost died. “That experience changed my life,” he says. “We moved out of the neighborhood as fast as we could, rented our first apartment, and I began my career in the steel mill.”

When the steel market began to suffer in 2003, Margarita suggested she and Galarza both take real estate classes and earn their licenses together. “I didn’t have anything else to lean on, so I followed my wife’s lead and became an agent,” he says.

Family is extremely important to Galarza. This shows not only in his personal life, but his work life as well. Besides himself and his wife, his team has grown to include another four agents, three of whom are family. All of them work as one to provide white-glove service to their clients. As the leader of the team today, Galarza is passionate about creating a legacy and generational wealth for his family.

Galarza’s ultimate goal is to retire in a southern state or country where it’s always sunny, live worry-free and enjoy quality time with family. “Shortcuts are not going to work. Immediate gratification is a fool’s dream,” he says. “Go all the way in and work hard now, so you can enjoy more of it later.”

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