John Moony, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Originating Manager

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

Over the past 17 years, John Moony has worked with thousands of clients, sharing with them all vital information that’s tailored to their individual situations. This work has set Moony apart from his peers. And it doesn’t happen by chance, either. Moony takes the time to genuinely connect with people—to understand where they have been, and where they hope to go.

Through that patient, caring, personal touch, Moony has repeatedly gained the strongest endorsement of all: Return engagements, from the first-time homebuyer to a seasoned real estate investor, who rely on him for their next transaction—and the one after that. “More and more, our marketplace is seen as a commodity,” Moony explains. “The difference is in the execution and quality of care that someone brings. In the homebuying journey, people are so much more than the last piece of a math equation.”

With absolute confidence in Guaranteed Rate’s capabilities to provide optimal support, Moony empowers his clients to factor in their myriad life circumstances to make the most informed decision possible. “Ultimately, they’re driving the car,” says Moony, senior vice president of mortgage lending and originating manager with Guaranteed Rate Affinity. “I walk them through their options, and once they understand, they can choose the best products and structure for them.”

Beneath Moony’s laidback demeanor is a deeply analytical mind. “Lending is simultaneously an art and a science,” he says. “And I take pride in explaining which aspects of the process are black and white with hard stops, and which are more subjective with work-arounds.” Moony loves the industry’s technical aspects, such as the connection between price per square foot and monthly payment, as well as the fluctuation of those data sets in different neighborhoods.

A perennial member of Guaranteed Rate’s President’s Club for top producers. Moony is licensed in 41 states, as well as Washington D.C. A Chicago native, Moony resides in the city’s North Center neighborhood with his wife, Amelia, and their son, Vincent.

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