MPG – Moll Piotrowski Group

Keller Williams ONEChicago

Kara Moll

Kourtney Piotrowski

Mark Kuntz

With their combined 56 years in the real estate industry, the members of MPG – Moll Piotrowski Group at Keller Williams ONEChicago are ready to help each and every client with every step of the buying and selling process.

Having founded the team over 20 years ago, Kara Moll knows the secret to getting clients a win: a consultative approach that takes a deep dive into their individual needs and wants. She has passed her knowledge and experience onto her daughter, Kourtney Piotrowski, who now runs the team, while Moll focuses on coaching top agents around the country. With the better part of a decade in real estate behind her, Piotrowski brings a fresh perspective. Her sweet demeanor can be deceptive, as it masks a negotiator with killer skills.

Having spent over 20 years as a broker and eight as a Realtor, Mark Kuntz understands real estate investments at the highest level. “I’m the numbers guy,” he says proudly. “I keep everything running behind the scenes, which greatly helps the team.”

The team is known for its extensive and resourceful network of professional connections that make any surprise hiccups — whether it be minor cosmetic enhancements or renovations — easy and stress-free for clients. “We’ve helped over 1,000 families with their move so far,” says Piotrowski. “Those connections help solve problems so the clients don’t have to.”

A family first and a team second, MPG – Moll Piotrowski Group is exceptional at building personal connections with clients, which the members say help them better serve them while also gaining referrals. “You don’t help the number of clients we do on an annual basis by referral if you don’t relate to them,” says Moll. “We’re all so different, and we have a personality for every client!”

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