Margaret Williams Hill, Broker

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Nearly eight years ago, Margaret Williams Hill had the opportunity to transition into real estate, a long-standing interest. “I thought, ‘This is my chance.’ I took a two-week licensing course, and dove right in,” she says. Working with buyers, sellers and investors in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, she specializes in residential real estate.

2021 was Williams Hill’s best year so far, and she’s proud of reaching her personal sales-volume goal. ”I worked really hard and diligently—all those seeds I’ve planted for years came into bloom,” she says.

Williams Hill’s previous work experience created a strong foundation for her real estate career. She became organized, honed her client service and management skills, and learned how to multitask while producing outstanding results. Her clients reap the benefits, knowing that “they have someone in their corner, with their best interests in mind,” she says.

Strong communication skills and careful planning make up Williams Hill’s secret sauce for success. “I hear their wants, needs and goals,” she says. “Educating my clients is key. Providing them with an overview of the process helps eliminate any confusion, provides clarity and sets expectations. If you start planning from a strong foundation of established systems and processes with attentive management, you’ve removed some of the obstacles to running your business.”

Being a perpetual student enables Williams Hill to rise higher. “If you’re working a deal with an attentive mindset while helping your client get to the closing table, there’s always something to learn,” she says. “It’s important to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.”

Williams Hill is so adept at this that she’s had quite a few clients express sadness once they’ve closed. “They feel like our relationship is over,” she says. “I have to reassure them that our relationship is not over, they’re stuck with me now, and we can absolutely make time to just hang out!”

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