John LeTourneau and John Gormley

Keller Williams Realty Infinity and Mainstreet Organization of Realtors


John LeTourneau, President, Mainstreet Organization of Realtors

John Gormley, CEO, Mainstreet Organization of Realtors

With 41 years of combined expertise, John LeTourneau and John Gormley enjoy sharing that knowledge with their diverse clientele. Their specialties encompass everything from global real estate to Illinois county markets.

LeTourneau and Gormley have accumulated an impressive array of awards and certifications over the years. LeTourneau, who’s also an Irish citizen, is a proud member of the Irish real estate trade association and serves as Illinois Realtors’ liaison to the Irish Consulate in Chicago. Gormley is also of Irish descent but has no second passport. LeTourneau considers becoming president of the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors to be his biggest professional accomplishment this year. Gormley is excited to have MORE named a national Great Place to Work company.

Asking the right questions and having passion for the industry have catapulted LeTourneau and Gormley to success. They focus on collaborating with colleagues and understand the importance of listening to and learning from others. “What I think is valuable is simply the ability to talk with folks; just have a conversation. And offer ideas and approaches that maybe they haven’t thought of,” LeTourneau says. As Gormley succinctly puts it, “I would much rather learn from others than compete with them.” LeTourneau’s ability to provide detailed financial analysis, combined with Gormley’s knack for bringing people with diverse skill sets together, earns their clients’ and members’ praise.

Above all, LeTourneau and Gormley are enthusiastic about Mainstreet’s important work. Says Gormley, “We’re blessed with leaders and staff who make an inclusive, welcoming, comfortable environment for Realtors to learn, grow and succeed in real estate. We like to say, ‘You can always come home to Mainstreet.’”

These powerful leaders are also proud parents who are involved in a variety of philanthropic organizations. LeTourneau is an active Shriner and avid fisherman. Gormley, a huge LSU Tigers fan, is a board member of the Conservation Foundation.

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