Greg Vollan, CNE


Since launching his real estate career in 2001, Greg Vollan’s approach has always been about the relationship, not the transaction. “I view myself as a consultant, not a salesperson,” he says.

His candor and expertise mean past clients are responsible for more than 90% of his business annually through both repeat transactions and their referrals of friends, neighbors and colleagues.

“Being a good broker isn’t always about making the deal, it’s about being a resource and a sounding board for anyone who might need my expertise and perspective on anything even tangentially related to real estate,” he says. “I love being the go-to real estate expert for my clients and their contacts too.”

His primary business focuses on single-family and high-end, high-design condos, but he’s developed expertise in all housing types from high rises to bungalows to multi-unit buildings. More than two decades as a broker and 30 years as a Chicago resident means he’s covered a lot of ground, giving him in-depth knowledge of what makes each neighborhood unique, the perspective to see how each has evolved, and a feel for where each is headed.

Vollan’s reputation is built on his immersive commitment to the client. “I do not hand my clients off to a team member or a licensed assistant at any point in the process. My clients get my 20-plus years of knowledge and commitment from start to finish, and that pays dividends for them in innumerable ways,” he says. “My personal experiences as a real estate renter, owner, developer and rehabber have exposed me to most of the variables a client might encounter, and the breadth of my experiences allows me to have empathy for their situation and the expertise to navigate it for them.”

Recently he worked on the design and execution of two significant construction and landscaping projects at his house in Humboldt Park and his second home in Harbor Country, simultaneously. “It is rewarding to see broad concepts distilled to a cohesive plan and finally executed to become a reality,” he says, not unlike what he has done for hundreds of his clients over the years.

Recognized as a top producer by CAR for the last 19 years, Vollan has also been recognized as an @properties Road to Rolex winner.

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