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In 2005, Amy Duong Kim left her corporate position as an actuarial consultant and joined her family’s real estate brokerage. She quickly learned the value of attentive service and tough negotiation, while keeping the utmost professionalism. A year later, she’d already become a managing broker, which helped her lay the foundation that instilled her family’s business values into her own practice.

In 2013, Duong Kim was promoted to vice president of sales at Jameson Sotheby’s Gold Coast office, as her husband, Howard Kim, began helping orchestrate her deals. They combined their individual strengths and created Duong Kim Global (DKG), eventually joining Compass, a technology-driven real estate company, 12 years later.

With over 60 years of combined experience, the team at DKG are true experts in Chicagoland real estate. Led by Duong Kim, this team of agents includes Howard Kim, Trung Duong, Ayumi Deloney, Eva Knapp and Kathleen Dumlao Lee.

Fusing the best of a brokerage and startup has allowed DKG to elevate its business and provide clients with the best service possible. At such a level of success, it’s no surprise that Duong Kim Global’s core principles are heavily guided by its family-first motto.

The team’s “client-first” approach has not only allowed them to stay in the top 1% of agents but has also helped in assembling a diverse team of up-and-coming agents that are truly passionate about helping people find their place in the world, their home. “I think all of our clients know that we truly care about them and their process and it’s truly reflected in our work,” says Duong Kim.

DKG has consistently been ranked in the Chicago Association of Realtors Top 1% and in RealTrends, and their team is on the A-List for the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

“I believe our team is at a place where we are all really seeing our hard work turn into success,” Duong Kim boasts. “We are all having banner years with some of the highest sales we have ever had. It’s been really rewarding.”

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