Clare Spartz, Broker + Home Stager


Sixteen years as a sales, marketing and training professional in several different industries in four major cities gave Clare Spartz everything she needed to launch her own company, Clare Sells Homes, in 2004. Since then she’s focused on helping sellers show their home’s potential with her home staging, and helping buyers vision home’s potential.

In fact, it’s that specialty that’s brought her referrals from clients quick to praise her advice on necessary renovations and her connections to resources for making it happen. Home staging definitely sets her apart from other agents.

Spartz says she’s been interested in decorating and design as far back as she can remember. But it was the television show “Trading Spaces,” popular in the early 2000’s, that sparked her vision for working swiftly to maximize the price of a home, as well as ideas and visions for buyer’s future plans.

“My original business plan hasn’t changed much,” she says. “I envision, craft, source, design, help renovate and see homes realize maximum potential on a budget. Sellers love the vision and execution; buyers appreciate all the ideas and resources.”

Consistently a top producer for the Chicago Association of Realtors, Spartz’s ever-positive spin helped her business through the pandemic. Calling it the “Year of Blessings” she says this past year for her was more of a calling.

“Friends, clients, acquaintances, people standing in line at HomeGoods – all needed to hear what they were doing was good,” she says. “That things were going to be different but the view in the rear-view mirror would be happy. That decisions they were making were going to lead to more positive news for their future. The sky was never going to fall. The upside to all the downsides of the year made up for all the sadness, stress and fear.” She hears from clients, friends, etc. that “you were right, you were always right. You told us things were going to be good and they are. Better than good!”

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