Barbara O’Connor Group

Dream Town

Barbara O’Connor, Founder and Managing Broker of Dream Town Lincoln Square

Hilary O’Connor, Vice President of Sales and Designated Managing Broker of Dream Town North Shore

Nate Ryle, Real Estate Agent

Though each member of the Barbara O’Connor Group comes from a different professional background, they have in common a genuine passion for serving clients. In fact, each client who chooses to work with the team knows they have begun a partnership with advisers they can trust.

Founder Barbara takes on most of the seller transactions, while Hilary works with buyers as the group’s vice president of sales. Nate is a real estate agent who works with both groups and also specializes in high-end development. The group operates as part of Dream Town Realty, with markets spanning Chicagoland from Hyde Park to the northern suburbs.

Barbara was a teacher before she switched to real estate, having taught business courses as well as emergency procedures for United Airlines. Hilary was originally an attorney for the state, as well as for a private firm. Nate dove into real estate immediately after graduating college. Each member of the group brings a unique set of skills to the table, and clients know they can count on the trio to provide the education and guidance needed for a smooth transaction. “Working with this team allows us to have constant support for our clients, other expert ears to bounce things off of, and years of expertise and different experiences to come at problems and issues from multiple angles,” Hilary says.

The group’s market expertise consistently sets them apart. In fact, both Barbara and Hilary have lived in the city their entire lives. By walking clients through the whole transaction process early on, the team has been able to build strong partnerships with each one. “We are a truly relationship-based team, and I think our clients would agree that when they hire us and our services, we have their best interests at heart and work to achieve a long-standing relationship,” Hilary says.

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