Nancy Cirje, Owner & Managing Broker

Royal Star Realty Group LLC

Learning the ins and outs of real estate from the ground up, Nancy Cirje was inspired to pursue a career in the industry by her homebuilder dad and project manager mom. “I learned everything from my parents, who have since inspired me to start my own business,” says Cirje. Shortly after Cirje opened her brokerage firm in 2012, her father passed away. This fueled her motivation to become a success. In 2019, Cirje’s mother passed away as well, but her encouragement to never give up will live on. “I’d like to dedicate my success to them, because they taught me to always strive for more.” Moving forward, Cirje plans to support charities that help families affected by heart and kidney disease to honor her parents’ memory.

Now the owner and managing broker of Royal Star Realty Group LLC, Cirje has been in real estate for a decade, primarily serving the western suburbs. “I am truly blessed to work in this industry. I love my line of work, and my passion keeps growing,” she says.

A dedicated Realtor member, Cirje offers buyer and seller clients superb customer service and individualized marketing strategies based on their needs. She works with everyone from first-time buyers to luxury clients and handles commercial transactions as well. “Communication is key, but oftentimes silence can play an even more powerful role,” she says. “If you learn to listen to your clients, you will go far.”

Recently, Cirje helped a couple who tried to buy without an agent but were denied a loan on the day of their closing. “One year later, I put them in contact with a lender who offered the right program, and within two weeks of searching, we were under contract and approved,” she says. “They are extremely happy and truly found their dream home.”

As long as Cirje is helping others, she is happy. Being genuine has also helped her make great strides in business. “Sincere leaders are far more effective at motivating people,” she says. “It’s important to inspire trust and admiration through one’s actions. At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.” Fond of travel, Cirje sees the beauty in exploring different cultures.

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