Bentley Phillips and Cory Hanlin

Spaces Real Estate

Bentley Phillips, Founder
Cory Hanlin, Managing Director
Spaces Real Estate

Bentley Phillips, a former investment banking analyst, founded Spaces Real Estate to challenge the status quo leasing experience in Chicago. “When I entered the industry, I realized there was a perceived distrust for the real estate process,” Phillips says. “I was determined to provide a more refined, data-driven model based on transparency, analytics and communication.”

Phillips works closely with Managing Director Cory Hanlin to formulate strategic business opportunities for property owners and investors as well as provide leasing guidance to consumers. The property owners and investors range from single-building, owner-occupied units to large multi-family portfolios. The majority of their renter clients are sophisticated, ambitious young professionals.

Knowledgeable about the industry, Hanlin started his career at the Real Estate Institute. Their online reviews rave about their exceptional customer service, stress-free process and the honest communication they experience with staff. They also appreciate Phillips’ and Hanlin’s vast knowledge of the market, which allows them to receive a more customized apartment search.

Spaces recently launched its proprietary database created by an in-house development team that revolutionizes how owners, agents and clients enjoy the real estate experience. By partnering consumer experience data with lead aggregation statistics, Spaces is able to provide a thorough and accurate forecast of the real estate landscape.

“Our new software allows us to ensure renters, agents and property owners are kept informed throughout the entire transaction,” Phillips and Hanlin say. “It provides a genuine experience for everyone involved.”

A number of Spaces’ other extensive projects are coming to fruition, including the opening of their 4,000-square-foot second office in Fulton Market and their involvement assisting developers lease-up new construction properties.

“We are especially proud of securing multiple lease-up opportunities in the North Side neighborhoods, ranging from nine to 30 units,” Phillips and Hanlin say. “Our pre-market consultation with developers regarding pricing, floor plans, design and market trends combined with our marketing strategies are the primary reasons these developers chose us for an exclusive partnership.”

Phillips and Hanlin also prioritize investing in their 60-person agent base by offering training courses, mentor programs and maintaining a healthy balance of agents and staff. Their skilled sales team has grown their book of business organically over the years and seen success turning their renters into buyers.

“We are both excited about the potential growth at Spaces,” they say. “We’re constantly innovating and experimenting to find new ways to disrupt the industry.”

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