Ana Garcia

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

For 10 years, Ana Garcia has excelled at assisting her clients with FHA, conventional and Dream Maker loans. She’s a four-time winner of JP Morgan Chase’s National Achiever award (2018-2021), and strives to continually increase her knowledge base. She believes that the more information she can offer clients about the programs available to them, the better. That’s why she’s risen to the top of the lending industry.

Garcia conducts business with honesty and a sense of fun. She refuses to come across as robotic to her clients. “I want them to feel as if they may relate to me and can come to me if they have any questions,” she explains. “In this business, you have to have fun and enjoy what you do to make sure you perform at your best.” She attributes her success to being thorough, and clients also appreciate Garcia’s direct, hard-working style and extraordinary customer service. “Once a client shows interest in buying or refinancing, they know that from the beginning I will treat them like family and I will be honest about everything,” she says. “Clients have mentioned that they love working with me because I do what is best for them and not what is best for me or for the company.”

“When working with me, clients will get treated like family and their loan will matter to me,” Garcia says. That makes working with her a unique experience. Rather than focusing on closing the transaction and quickly moving on to the next, she wants clients to know that she’s with them every step of the way, to guide them through the process and answer their questions. More importantly, she wants them to understand that she’ll always be there for them, long after their loan closes.

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