Agent X

MB Ain’t for Me

I was a managing broker once. Don’t look so surprised, it’s clear I have a way with people and so I decided to give running an office a try. A week later, I realized that I actually have to

Going New Skool

I’m an old school kind of Agent X. I like my Wu Tang Clan, Bob Dylan and my standard sales transactions. I resisted all that new fangled stuff like short sales and REOs for as long as I could.

Winners and Losers

Once again, I was shut out of the Agents’ Choice Awards. Neither Agent X nor my true identity were chosen as nominees. I tried to flood the system to win the MVP, but then I was informed that CA

Lenders are Fun

Let’s be honest, the lending side of the industry is pretty much a snooze. However, I must say that lenders know how to party! Every time I go to an event I know that at least three or four

Followers are Better Than Friends

The powers that be insisted that I have a website and Facebook page. Here’s the thing, I already have both! I’m a high-profile agent in Northern Illinois, of COURSE I’m online everywhere, I just can’t show them to you

Rules Were Meant to be Broken

There is no mystery to my life philosophy: rules were meant to be broken – just be sure not to get caught. One rule I do abide by is Fair Housing. You know why? Because there is no way

Not Telling My Secrets

I know what you’re wondering, and yes, I took the survey. Why wouldn’t I spend five minutes on a survey that increases the possibility of money coming my way for nothing? All I saw was something about an AMEX

Cutting the Fat

One of the most important things about being a leader is knowing when to cut the fat off of your team. You’ll find a million stories about teams and how great they are, etc., but no one wants to

Doing It Alone

Doing it Alone I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I work on my own for no one but myself and I have no agents under me either, at least not working under me that is. I am a lone

Green With Envy

Finally, after all these years CA is writing about an important topic that affects everyone I’ve ever met in the real estate industry: that big green monster known as jealousy. It’s hard to move forward when the Realtor down

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