My Life as a Wookiee

by Chicago Agent

By Agent X
I’m going to level with you – my first year in real estate wasn’t a good one. I’m not going to tell you when it was because then you might judge me for dating a 19 year old, but the market was in great shape and I still couldn’t make a sale to save my life. No one would’ve mistaken Agent X for Rookie of the Year.

I’m not embarrassed, because after my third year in the industry, I couldn’t keep a listing for more than a week. I only had to look at a client and then it’d be time to put up that glorious “Sold” sign.

If I knew in the beginning what I know now, things would’ve been a lot different. Too bad my editor still hasn’t given me any extra room, because then I’d be able to tell you all about my life as a Wookiee, which is actually much more interesting. I even competed in the Kashyyyk Olympics once, and by the way our gymnasts were never underage. I could go on and on, but alas.

Now let’s see who ditched their old jobs. Emily Santos, previously with Koenig & Strey, has made the move to @properties. PK Johnson, former marketing director for RMI’s Lincoln Park 2520 has moved on, right to Dubai where she’ll be vacationing for a week.

Daniel Lukas, principal developer of the planned mixed-use project at the New City YMCA on North and Halsted is backing out of his plans for condos and going with luxury apartments. The 280 originally planned condos will now be about 225 apartments. “The condo market is in the toilet,” Lukas says. Thanks, Mr. Lukas, for the encouragement.

Word is Zell is thinking about turning the Tribune building into condominiums, just in case there aren’t enough available downtown.

WCR hosted their monthly meeting at the Chicago Yacht Club on Aug. 20 where Jeff Lowe, Barbara O’Connor and Jeanine Wheeler talked about teams and managing their time. Jeff announced he has a baby on the way, so he can say goodbye to having time for anything.

Lennar’s Library Tower hosted a VIP model grand opening on Aug. 15. Good to see Lennar coming back into the mix again!

CA took over the Hard Rock Hotel and the Sofitel last week for photo shoots and interviews for our Who’s Who issue (out Sept. 22!). We learned that Lucien Lagrange loves Westerns, and a certain auctions expert bought a $25 million marina outside of Miami, and later made a Countrywide manager at the shoot a preferred lender on the project. It’s amazing what a couple Cuban cigars will get you.

The Young Real Estate Professionals also hosted their networking event at the Sofitel the evening of our shoot. The residential crowd showed up for this one, and luckily mixed with the commercial agents without a rumble. What I’d really like to know is, what are those yummy crunchy cheezy things that Sofitel hands out with their drinks?

Only a couple of birthday’s this week. My girl TT’s dad turned 60 on Aug. 20, Jason Vondrachek celebrated on Aug. 21 and our senior editor’s oldest and best friend celebrated on Aug. 22.

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