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by Chicago Agent

I’m back! I know I’ve been missed and thanks for those e-mails, especially my biggest fan at Real Living Infinity. I’m going to get straight down to business. No need to wax poetic on technology seeing as how I can barely figure out my e-mail. Also, they’ve shut me out of two whole issues, so I have a lot to report.

Conservation Design Development, who has been planning Rhapsody Cove near Bourbonnais, has been working with a Philadelphian lender to approve some additional projects. Perhaps the deal will include free philly cheese steaks for all involved.

According to one of my secret sources, DeGrazia and Vision Group are rumored to have merged with @properties. I’ve scooped everyone because no announcement has been made yet.

The Spire, which is still a hole in the ground, sold its penthouse to Ty Warner, creator of Beanie Babies. Do people still buy Beanie Babies? According to John Goldsworthy, director of Spire sales, “It’s a done deal. Listing price was $40 million … cannot disclose buyer details.” Also, quarterback Sexy Rexy himself of the Bears purchased a Trump unit for $2.68 million. It’s a shame that he’ll probably be traded soon.

Sussex and Reilly has opened two new offices at 912 W. Armitage and 1550 N. Damen. They’ll be throwing a grand opening party near the beginning of November. Be sure to stop by and give Glen Tomlinson a hello and check out the new digs, though make sure not to bother him during a Sox game.

Change is in the air. Koenig & Strey’s parent company has entered into an agreement to sell GMAC Home Services to Toronto-based Brookfield RPS, a division of Brookfield Asset Management. And a little bird pointed out to me that VHT might’ve cut some staff recently, not good news for the biggest virtual tour company in Chicagoland.

Ginger Downs, CEO of CAR, has been named a board member of the Emergency Fund. Noel Ross, previously a real estate consultant with @properties, is now a sales associate with Cape Horn Group. Mimi Harpur has left New West, give me a shout if you know what she’s up to now.

Now for the parties! Agent X was here, there and everywhere, but I only have room to tell you about a few shindigs.

CAR kicked off their 125th Inaugural Gala on Sept. 25 with a cocktail hour sponsored by Jameson Real Estate and Perl Mortgage. With balloon arches and photo ops, I think many relived their prom, though instead of spiked punch they had signature martinis. Dave Hanna was brought in as the new president, bow tie and all, while Genie Birch was introduced as president-elect. There were some speeches I think, Agent X slipped out early to head to the bar. After the dinner, Lake Point Tower’s Cite was packed to the brim. Dave enjoyed the limelight for most of the night while Ginger snuck down the elevator as guests arrived. No sign of Michael Golden anywhere.

The much-anticipated Crystal Ball – thrown by the new Jameson – will take place Oct. 23. Mark your calendars, this was the place to BE last year.

Winthrop Club in Evanston showcased a one-hour seminar on “Being Green” specifically for Realtors. Agent X was disappointed that Kermit did not make an appearance. They plan on doing a few more, so maybe next time I’ll get my wish.

MCL once again took over the River East Arts Center for the 10-year anniversary of River East. The space was gorgeous, but for some reason Agent X had a hard time finding any snacks aside from marshmallows in an ice cream cone.

Some fun things coming up that I plan to attend, so you should, too. On Oct. 14, Vetro’s sales team will be hosting a grand opening of one of their developments with free massages and Cubs playoff tickets! Those could be worth a lot of money if baseball isn’t your thing.

Del Webb will host a charity walk to support Red Cross on Oct. 18 with cooking demonstrations on Oct. 19 at all Chicagoland communities. I’ve already let them know that I’ve mastered mac n’ cheese, so they better have something else in mind.

Only a few birthdays this time around, my source has been falling asleep on the job. You’re always welcome to send me birthday announcements when you send my fan mail. Michael Gunderson partied on Sept. 10 while Cory Robertson and Paulette Rodriguez celebrated on Sept. 13. Anne Brindle celebrated her 29th birthday yet again on Sept. 19. Then on Oct. 9 it’s Carol Flammer’s turn to get all the attention. Also, literally everyone in assistant editor Amanda’s family had a birthday. Happy birthday to the Gruenwalds!

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