Zimmerman Ryan + Boenzi Group and Repta Residential merge as part of Livian Chicagoland

by Emily Mack

Zimmerman Ryan + Boenzi Group, which serves the city and suburbs, and Repta Residential, a top team in McHenry County, have merged to form one new team under Livian Chicagoland. The Zimmerman Ryan + Boenzi Group first joined Livian in August 2022, creating Livian Chicagoland. Now, with the addition of Repta Residential, the single team — known simply as Livian Chicagoland — will serve the full Chicagoland area, up into Southern Wisconsin.

Livian Chicagoland will be headed by four co-CEOs: Kelly Boenzi, Meg Ryan and Joe Zimmerman, from the Zimmerman Ryan + Boenzi Group, and Beth Repta from Repta Residential. Zimmerman will also serve as Livian’s new director of Growth.

Livian is an all-inclusive real estate platform which became a Keller Williams company for life in 2021. “I knew I had to jump on board [with Livian]. I expect to see many agents doing the same in the coming months and years,” Zimmerman said in a press release, adding that it can be hard for individual agents to keep up. “Livian is the future of real estate.”

Repta shared similar excitement for the transition. “I knew I wanted to grow bigger … After speaking with the Zimmerman Group about Livian, it prompted me to look deeper, and I’m so glad I did,” Repta said. “I truly believe we are on the forefront of the future of real estate, and I’m excited to share this opportunity for growth and success with other agents.”

“Adding Beth Repta to our partnership and combining our teams has brought a new level of energy, and the support of Livian is allowing us to move at lightning speed,” Boenzi said of the merger. “We have some big goals in place for next year, and I’ve never been more confident.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of a team where everyone is focused on doing what they do best and delegating the rest,” Ryan said. “I’m thrilled to be in business with Beth, and Livian is the conduit for growth that is going to propel our new team, Livian Chicagoland, to the next level in 2023.”

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