Chih-Hao Yang, Broker, Fulton Grace Realty

by Chicago Agent

Number of years in real estate:
I got into real estate in 2010, doing marketing for a commercial real estate developer. I received my broker license in 2018.

Describe your look:
Dress to impress for the necessary circumstances; otherwise, I am all for the comfortable, clean and sleek look.

What do you consider a “fashion don’t”?
Crocs, unless you are a little kid, then it’s cute.

What style has come back into fashion that you think shouldn’t have?
Low-rise jeans, unless you are Britney Spears.

What item of clothing gets you the most compliments?
My Vivienne Westwood brown coat.

What is a fashion crime you have committed in the past?
Popped up collars with my A/F shirts in the early 2000s.

What fashion accessory do you feel naked without?
A pair of sunglasses and my chapstick. I have 2-3 chapsticks with me all the time. I don’t want my clients to see my dry lips. My lips are always moist and ready to talk.

Who is your style icon?
Kim Kardashian and Lisa from Blackpink.

What decade or time period had the best fashion?
I grew up in Asia in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. However, I am really into the ’80s fashion in America. Everything is big and bright for women. Men’s fashion in the ’80s is just so HOT. I am thinking about all the outfits and actors from the original “Top Gun” movie. Drooling.

What’s the most expensive or meaningful accessory or piece of clothing you’ve ever acquired? Do you still have it?

Few years ago, I bought my first Prada bag after I closed my first condo. It is a big milestone for me because I had never bought something so expensive before with my own money. It shows my growth and independence where I am able to support myself living in this country alone as a first-generation immigrant after moving to Chicago in 2003. I still use it these days. Also, my grandfather gave a Rolex watch to my dad. The watch is beautiful and timeless, and it will be mine soon, I hope lol.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
My United Airlines Polaris Class PJs. I have 20-plus pairs. I wear them to sleep everyday.

Does your style reflect your personal brand? If so, how?
I am pretty versatile when it comes to style. I usually go with comfortable and clean/sleek look, unless it is an important event that requires me to be in a suit and tie. It perfectly reflects and matches my personal brand where I want my clients to be very comfortable during the buying and selling process. The steps are easy to follow and the process is transparent with me. My clients always come back for more.

What is your style advice for other people in the industry?
Dress comfortably and appropriately. Be yourself. Clients like to work with an agent who is good at business and has a personality. They probably couldn’t care less about brands of your clothes or the the price of your shoes and bags. Wearing a Hermes H. Guillochee belt buckle and leather strap 32 mm that cost over $4,000-plus does not make anyone a better agent.

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