This is still a tech issue

by Agent X

Don’t be fooled by the “theme” of this issue. “Business building tech” is still tech, we’re just sprucing things up for 2021. My fair readers know me pretty well by now, and I’m not afraid to share (yet again) that I have no interest in learning about technology. That’s what I pay other people to do! But to get that kind of help you have to be a super, duper successful broker (like moi). You can get there! But you probably need some good tech in place. It’s like a chicken and the egg situation. I’m the egg, you’re the chicken. Or something along those lines. If you want to know about technology, read the cover story or track down someone on my team who focuses on that, because it sure isn’t me. Now if you want to know about networking or hosting a killer open house, I’m your agent.

Clients of @properties’ Nick Frankel got a pretty cool surprise in their new home: a toy fire truck with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Turns out the seller was a firefighter and left these fun treats for Nick’s client. Cute gesture, but perhaps a bottle of fireball would’ve made more sense?

Restaurant reporter Steve Dolinsky of ABC7 is making quite the career shift, as he just joined Baum Realty. While it seems like a big change, he will actually be serving as a specialist in their culinary/hospitality work. Here’s some of what he had to say on Facebook. “I felt it was a perfect fit – making use of both my connections in the industry and my knowledge in the food/beverage space (25 years of professional eating).” In case you’re wondering, someone shared this quote with me because as I’m sure you guessed I’m not on Facebook. Oh wait, my assistant just told me I am. Who knew?

Speaking of the book of faces, Keisha Williams of Fulton Grace Realty gave CA a shout out and posted some pictures of her Who’s Who in Chicago Real Estate shoot. She looked just as gorgeous as that $4 million listing!

Since this magazine is now a monthly affair, I’ve got about one million birthday shoutouts. Take a deep breath and read through these as fast as you can. Or just scan for your name if you’re celebrating this month. Rebecca Thomson gets to party on June 7, and then Natasha Motev on June 8. June 11 belongs to Joe Zimmerman and Jody Kelly, with Darlene Little partying on June 12. Give a high five to Dave Hanna, Mabel Guzman and Karen Schmid on June 17, and then squeeze in another one for Ginna Ryan on June 18. Jennifer Leong will get wiser on June 19, and then Julius Barrutia and Colleen Harper can celebrate together on June 21. Rebecca Jensen, John Poast, and Heidi Seagren should hold a joint B-day BBQ in honor of their birthdays on the 22, 23, and 24th respectively. Dan Wagner and Chip Cornelius round out June with their shared June 27 birthday. Let’s dip into July and start out with Joan Maloney on July 2 and then Rich Rogala on July 3. Terry Anderson and Frank Montro share their big day with America on July 4, and then Tracy Flanagan gets to bask in the post-fireworks glow on July 5.

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