Welcome to 2021!

by Agent X

We did it, everyone! We made it to 2021. Things may look a little different, so let me break down what’s new. First, you’re only going to hear from me once a month. I know, I’m also sad, but I’ll do my best to make the gossip as juicy as possible. I can only be so many places at once. Though it sounds like maybe at some point this year I might see all your faces in person again! And then I can sign one of your new fancy CA issues that feature more content, upgraded paper, and a new(ish) look. Let’s hear it for 2021!

Dreamtown Realty’s Natalie Renna debuted her new “cribs” video feature on Insta. After her clients move into a new home, she brings Lou Malnati’s pizza and takes a tour to see what they’ve updated, etc. HGTV are you reading this?
Rachel Scheid and Hunter Andre of Coldwell Banker better be on Santa’s nice list as they recently went shopping for donations to give to the Garfield Park Community Worship Center. Or at least they both get a pass in terms of getting naughty with the cocktails at the CB Zoom holiday party this year.

Immediate past president of NAHREP Chicago Ivonne Payes took a page from the Agent X book of getting out of Dodge when the weather turns and is living her best life in Puerto Rico right now.

Speaking of getting out of Dodge, G-rate’s Joel Schaub and his wife, Christine, have decided to take their shenanigans on the road. They’re currently closing deals all over the place from their mobile office RV. With everything going virtual, who says you need to actually be in the same city to get clients to sign those loan papers?
This is the part where I usually talk about events and stuff. But it’s cold outside and I’m following directions and avoiding people. Also, I spilled red wine on my computer during a holiday Zoom party and couldn’t use it for about a week. Thus, I missed some online events. But I’m back in action so I’ll see you on the Zoomies soon everyone, have no fear. Not that you’ll know it’s me, but I will still be there lurking in the shadows.

Something must have been in the air real estate-wise Aprilish like 20-30 years ago because there are a ton of you folks with January birthdays. There aren’t enough winter words to provide fun nicknames for each of you, so I’m just going to just list some names. Maybe you should think about switching your big day to October because then you can get “spooky” inserted into your shoutout or something. Happy birthday to Marc Churchill on Jan. 7, then on Jan. 12 shoutouts go to Gary Ouellette, JD Cortese, and Jennifer Peterson. Lucky duck Kevin Rocio will celebrate on Jan. 13, while Alex Zupancic, Jeff Baker, and Vince Milito can party together (though probably still remotely) on Jan. 14. George Schultz will get older on Jan. 15, while Donna Griffin gets wiser on Jan. 16. Monique Washington and Kevin Van Eck share a Jan. 20 bday, while Danny Lewis, Lissa Wienstein and Michael Golden all share a Jan. 21 big day. Jan. 23 belongs to Christine Lutz, while Mike Opyd gets the 24th all to himself. Anthony Marnaccio, Jon Millikin and Kevin Thronton are triplets on Jan. 26. Patrick Bergner and Eileen Crossen celebrate on Jan. 28, Sheen Baker gets to raise a glass on Jan. 29 and then Wayne Paprocki and Margie Smigel bring up the rear with their Jan. 30 bday.

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