If I had a crystal ball

by Agent X

I thought about looking back at my predictions from last year, but that sounded like a lot of effort. My guess is that I didn’t predict a global pandemic, so I’m not even going to pretend to have any idea what 2021 will bring. No matter what happens in 2021, it can’t be any worse than what we’ve been living through this year. There’s a really good chance we’ll all need to be wearing real pants again at some point, so that’s something to look forward to (or not, if you’re really digging the loungewear). Anyway, go ahead and read the cover story to see what the industry VIPs think will happen in 2021, after you peruse the gossip, of course.

Leticia Andrade of Fulton Grace held her fourth annual pie giveaway for her clients. This year everyone also got a full-size pie serving thingamabob. If I baked I might know what those are actually called. But since I don’t make anything for myself, we’ll just call it a thingamabob, or a hoosywhatsit. Now to figure out how I can get on the list next year, because I swear I’ve been very nice.

Carrie McCormick took a page from the Oprah book of doing nice things for others with a “favorite things giveaway”. Every day one lucky winner will get some of Carrie’s favorite things, so I hope the recipient likes this stuff as well. Some items include favorite champagne, goodies from a favorite denim store, favorite sweet treats, and more. Carrie, how can Agent X get on this list because I have a lot of favorite things?

NAHREP held their virtual installation with a Met Gala theme! You know Agent X loves a theme and I promise you it did not disappoint. There was even a DJ in one of the zoom squares, which was a lot of fun when I was ready to get my groove on. I may have overserved myself yet again, but luckily I was able to turn off my camera to avoid embarrassment. If only I could turn off my camera when overserved at live events. At the event, Ivonne Paves stepped down from her role as president, and we all welcomed Robert Padron of RE/MAX CityView as the new president. Isn’t it nice when a presidential transition goes smoothly? Oops, that wasn’t a political statement, I promise — just an observation!

Another exciting move? Bob Shield has reentered mortgage lending and is now a VP at Cardinal Financial. Welcome back, Bob — we missed you! And a big congrats to Matt Laricy on the birth of his daughter!

Winter birthday time! Let’s hope it’s not an icy one. Leo “Luge” Aubel celebrates on Dec. 23, while Denise “December” Salazar-Carosella shares her Dec. 25 birthday with a guy some of you probably know. Jeff “Jack Frost” Metz celebrates on Dec. 27, while JoAnn “Jacket” Sworan and Jennifer “January” Evans share a Dec. 29 bday. Mimi “Mittens” Luna never has to work on her Jan. 1 bday, while Rachel “Reindeer” Rohn and Leslie “Latkes” Struthers probably have to get back at it on their Jan 2 birthday. Ted “toboggan” Guarnero gets wiser on Jan. 3, while Kelly “Kindling” Price can raise a glass in her honor on Jan. 5.

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