RESAAS, EXIT Strategy Realty team up to keep agents healthy during COVID-19

by Will Mendelson

In the age of COVID-19, working from home has become the new norm. For many professions, the transition has been natural and seamless, and many have found that it’s possible to go above and beyond in their jobs well from the comfort and safety of their own home.

But for real estate agents, strictly working from home isn’t possible. Between showings and meeting clients, agents often are out and about — and they need to be. Because agents are constantly meeting new clients and building relationships, there’s also a greater need for them to remain cognizant of COVID-19.

Recognizing the need for real estate professionals to stay healthy and safe while on the job, RESAAS, a Canada-based, global technology platform that enables real estate brokerages and agents to bring real-time communication to their agents, has partnered with QuestCap, a social-impact investment company, to sell FDA-approved COVID-19 rapid tests to real estate agents in the United States through the RESAAS platform.

“2020 has been a very trying year for many industries, and real estate agents have been affected directly by COVID-19,” Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS, told Chicago Agent magazine. “Our mission was to help agents navigate the trials and tribulations they face today.”

In order to equip real estate agents with the tools they need to stay safe, RESAAS began offering rapid-test kits for sale on the RESAAS platform. A simple finger prick is all that’s done, and results are provided in just eight minutes.

EXIT Strategy Realty Owner & CEO Nick Libert is one of these real estate professionals in the Chicagoland area committed to keeping his team safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. In addition to utilizing these rapid tests, Libert has ensured that his team goes above and beyond in staying healthy.

“We had a large shipment of masks and face shields sent to both of our offices, so we could have open houses safely, and have taught our agents how to do a no-touch open house, as well as virtual open houses, so we are giving our brokers resources, so that they can continue to conduct business in the safest possible manner,” Libert told Chicago Agent magazine.

Coupled with face shields, virtual and no-touch open houses and these rapid tests is the added benefits to both the buying and selling side of real estate, Rossiter explained.

“On the buying side, agents are saying to their clients, ‘Before we go see this listing, let’s take these tests so we both have peace of mind while we tour properties,’” Rossiter said. “And on the selling side, agents are going into listing presentations and open houses, saying, ‘We will create a force field, and we will make sure anyone in your home is a qualified buyer and give them a COVID-19 rapid test prior to entrance.’ So now you, as the seller, have peace of mind that everyone coming through your home tested negative.”

Despite the uncertainties agents are currently handling through the pandemic, Libert stressed the importance of rising to the occasion — and how this has enabled his team to find more success than ever.

“We are seeing, for the agents who are engaged, that they are making opportunities out of this,” Libert said. “There’s been some new joy we’ve made in fostering new relationships and interacting locally in our community, whether it’s food drives we’re hosting or boot camps. There are silver linings to this and for the agents who are choosing to adapt and dig deeper and expand their database, they are finding success in ways they never have before.”

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