Are you ready to rumble with Mary Jane?

by Agent X

Are you ready to rumble with Mary Jane?

We are all well aware that with the New Year comes new policies and laws that I’m sure were put into place for a good reason, but some can be a little pesky. This year we’re dealing with new tenant screening rules, licensing policy updates and the legality of wacky tobacky in Illinois. So, what does that mean for you managing brokers? Well, that’s what the experts in the cover story are here for. My only goal is to use as many slang words for cannabis as I can. Here’s a few more before you hit the gossip train: doobie, weed, reefer, ganja, flower, grass and pot. Now you can sound cool in the long dispensary lines.

Congrats to Sarah Ware on the 6-year anniversary of Ware Realty Group! She celebrated with red roses and a cupcake. Turns out the traditional 6-year gift is candy for sweetness, so I think a cupcake is just perfect.

While we’re congratulating folks, let’s hear it for Haley Levine of HomeCo, who just got married in Tulum. I think my invitation might have gotten lost in the mail, which is what also happened to the very expensive wedding gift I purchased for Haley.

Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin had some tough words to say about new buildings in New York. Apparently, he is not a fan of Billionaires’ Row in Manhattan, using terms like “graceless” and “freakishly skinny” to describe their buildings. So be on notice New York: Broad-shouldered Chicago is coming to get you!

Mike LaFido released a new episode of his podcast with guest Jennifer Berman talking about dominating the luxury market. According to Jennifer, the key is to skip the donuts and stage the home instead, but I don’t understand why we can’t do both. Never underestimate the power of a Krispy Kreme.
Elite 6, a philanthropic organization for real estate peeps, announced this year’s new members. Congrats to these super elite folks for doing nice things for others: Melanie Everett, Collin Wasiak, Michael Benks, Sabrina Bier, Lyn Harvie and Lauren Mitrick Wood.

Folks strapped on their boots to brave the wet/cold/snowy/sleety weather and headed to the 2020 Real Estate Forecast on Jan. 21 at Roosevelt University’s Ida B. Wells Lounge. Fun was had by all as William Strauss, senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, shared lots of info about the economy and recessions and other stuff.
Also on Jan. 21, Nick Libert gave a Home Buying 101 presentation as part of a real estate education seminar at the McDonald’s headquarters. His Twitter post noted that he hoped it would be the first of many seminars. That guy just loves to keep busy with the hustle.

Here come the February birthdays! Sara Bonert and Amy Settich Strauss celebrate on Feb. 4, while Lane Sears and Kay Varga share a Feb. 5 birthday. Marlene Rubenstein and Katy Thomas can party on Feb. 6, or they could wait and celebrate with Emily Santos on Feb. 7, Art Schalk on Feb. 8, and/or Kelly Wong on Feb. 9. Please toast Hamza Ishaq on Feb. 10, and then raise your glass again on Feb. 12 for Laura Gaan Lattin.

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