Editor’s note: What makes a real estate entrepreneur

by Blake Boldt

Blake Boldt

Franchise ownership is not for every agent. It requires exceptional leadership skills and the ability to see the bigger picture at all times. A franchise owner has a planned outcome in mind before making a decision, while also being able to adapt to the swirling tides of a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

Many agents have felt the pull to succeed on their own terms, and for them this is the natural next step in their career. For those who remain undaunted by the idea of owning a franchise, or who are simply trying to figure out their path in real estate, check out our cover story. We share recommendations and insights from agents who decided to expand their horizons and enter a new role as franchise owners. We also include a detailed breakdown of costs that franchise owners can expect when opening their business. Plus, a look at the relatively new niche of franchise homebuilding.

For these agents opening their own franchise was a pursuit filled with potential challenges and pitfalls, but they’ve accomplished their goals by relying on experience, education and a desire to succeed. What are your thoughts on owning a franchise? Email me at [email protected] and we may feature your comment.

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