All we do is win

by Agent X


Technically, I can’t even be in the running for the Agents’ Choice Awards, which if you ask me is a load of bologna. But I guess it’s only fair, because I’d probably win everything if I participated. At any rate, congrats to all you winners and finalists!

Matt Laricy posted pics of Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole with a “hilarious” comment about power couples and hurricanes (his wife’s name is Nicole – get it?) Someone else commented that they can’t wait to see Hurricane Matt Laricy at the bar. I have seen this before, and it is definitely worth the price of admission.
Move over, Sean Conlon – my latest travel buddy crush is Kieran Conlon. They were both spotted on the Ahnuhati River in British Columbia, but Kieran was the one holding a salmon next to a helicopter in the middle of the river. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I heard from a friend that 1st Advantage had a chili cookoff at their office in Lombard. I didn’t actually get an invite, and it’s pretty well known that Agent X makes a mean chili…so maybe my invite got “lost.” I’ve got my eye on you, 1st Advantage.

Sam Ciochon went to Vegas with his pops, and apparently, the two of them danced until the wee hours of the morning three nights in a row. I wish my dad could party like that, but he was always more of a Matlock-and-in-bed-by-8-p.m. kind of guy.

Lindsey Schendel is apparently rubbing elbows with Cindy Crawford, and she has the blurry selfie to prove it. It may have been blurry because she and Cindy were rushing off to the next hot spot, or maybe Linds had to rush in and out before Cindy even knew what hit her.

On to the parties! Of course I’ll talk about the Agents’ Choice Awards on Oct. 3 first. In a move obviously inspired by the Oscars, past winners were on hand to announce this year’s awards, including Hurricane Matt Laricy, Kevin Van Eck, Michael Parent, Amy Howell, and my favorite person on Earth, Maria Thanasouras Rex. There was even a hashtag: #2016AgentsChoice.

In case you were wondering, Duncan Keith gives a hoot, and he proved it by teaming up with @properties on Oct. 5 to host the @gives a hoot Country Jam at Morgan MFG. Jeanine McShea posted a pic with Keith at the mic, with a well-placed Thad Wong photobomb in the back. Kevin Rocio also posted a selfie with a very patient Keith.

IAR hosted a gala to announce their 2017 leadership team, so I have to say congrats to President Doug Carpenter, President-Elect Matt Difanis and Treasurer Dan Wagner, and tell immediate past President Mike Drews goodbye, good luck and thanks for the memories. The dessert was rich and decor was classy – I’d expect no less from IAR.

It’s almost Halloween, so let’s do the birthdays right. Karen “Screamy” Peterson celebrated on Oct. 17, while Jon “Pumpkin” Goldman celebrates on Oct. 20. Matt “Scary” Garrison will party on Oct. 23 with Emily Sachs “of Candy” Wong. Vanessa Irving “Sleepy Hollow” Dillingham shares a birthday with Amy Duong “Ghosty” Kim on Oct. 24. Stephanie “Proton” Neuron Lavelle and Cathy “Doesn’t need a spooky nickname” Stabb will eat cake on Oct. 28. Linda “Great” Scott “Is that a ghost?” will get older on Oct. 29, while Steve “Dracula” Maher and Monique “Boo” Peiron-Strong share Oct. 30.

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