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Top Producers Share the 5 Worst Agent Habits in Real Estate

by Rachel Mazanec


New agents continue to enter the real estate industry, but with fresh faces comes inexperience. We surveyed Chicagoland’s top producers about the worst habits they see in new agents, and not surprisingly, there were some common threads in their replies.

Rookies – avoid these practices; and veterans – guide newcomers towards healthy habits that will make everyone’s jobs easier, including yours.

1. Lack of Knowledge
–Bluffing about client questions
–Not taking the time to learn the market
–Not doing research ahead of time

2. Lack of Respect
–No respect for existing client/agent relationships
–No respect for veteran agents

3. Poor Communication
–Being unresponsive and unavailable
–Arriving late and missing appointments
–Texting five minutes after they are already late
–Not making calls promptly
–Not returning calls for appointments

4. Lack of Preparation
–Lacking proper training
–Not knowing current market conditions
–Working in areas they are not familiar with
–Not providing feedback

5. Poor Paperwork Execution
–Not knowing how to fill out contracts
–Making mistakes during transactions

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