Agent Income

by Chicago Agent

What was agent income in 2014? And how did it compare to 2013 and years past?


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  • Gary Lucido says:

    Your sample is clearly skewed – badly. You show 39% of the agents earning over $100K. But I guarantee you that if you go into the MLS and check the top 39% of agents you will be looking at a bunch of those agents who only do a handful of transactions each year. Another way to think about it is that agents would have to do at least $5 MM in business to get to that income. There are probably 16,000 CAR agents so 39% of that number is 6240 agents doing more than $5 MM. Then why is the number of top producers so much smaller than that?

  • seymour butz says:

    figures do sound quite a bit fudged……. from a numbers standpoint this is impossible unless the responders to the survey were only exceptionally high producing agents.

  • Jelena Zande says:

    I’m not sure how much “truth” there is in these numbers. You show 28 percent of agents making $100 to $250K in 2014! That’s close to one third of all agents! Go to any large office and see if one third are making over $100K or anywhere near $250K! Are these numbers based on adjusted gross commission or adjusted net? The numbers seem very inflated.

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