Recruitment & Retention: Finding the Best Agents

by Chicago Agent

Collaborative Efforts

The ability to work well with others is often overlooked, he adds. Popowcer targets recruits who represent themselves with a professional and ethical business acumen. “We have a mix of new and seasoned agents, so I want them to learn from each other,” he says. “I don’t want someone whose ego gets to the office 15 minutes before they do.”

Top talent also includes those agents who are knowledge-seekers, McShea adds, who are trying to stay on top of trends, who know what the market is doing and are on top of new technology to assist their clients and their business.

It’s not enough to recruit top talent, however. Once that agent comes on board, the managing broker has to stay on their toes to retain them. That task can be easier if the broker was on their game when recruiting them in the first place.

“You have to pay attention to who you have. I treat agents like they’re my clients. It’s not always about real estate; it’s also about taking care of those at-home personal and private goals, so lend an ear and help with problem-solving,” McShea says. “Be accessible 24/7, because they’re working 24/7. And offer a calming, objective viewpoint when they’re in highly-charged situations.”

In addition, agents must have a level of trust in the experience of their leadership. “They know that I will have an answer, or get an answer, to any question, she adds. “Leadership can guide agents through the ever-changing marketplace, guiding them and leading them through the up and down things that change on a daily basis.”

Fotopoulos operates as a non-competing broker, and sees her role not only as a leader, but also as a support system.

“I support the agents with a different set of eyes,” she says. “We don’t always see ourselves as others see us. When I look at an agent, I look at their business model and where they are, where they want to be and what they can do to enhance and grow. I’m very growth-minded. I’m passionate about helping people see potential in themselves where they can’t.”

Popowcer says empowering agents is crucial to keeping them on his team. “Agents can be their own boss and make unlimited income with very little investment, so they must be allowed to treat it like it’s their own business.”

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