Recruitment & Retention: Finding the Best Agents

by Chicago Agent

End Goal

The goals of managing brokers, in terms of recruiting, usually center around the quality of agents, not quantity, However, the ability and desire to grow is there for every brokerage – quality agents only help offices.

“Our goal is to ensure that agents have a perfect career, which includes increased business, balance and elevating the real estate experience for their clients,” McShea says. “Our growth plans are to increase our roster to 100 agents by the end of 2015, and open two additional Chicago offices next year.”

“It’s always about growth and development,” Fotopoulos says. “My philosophy, as well as our company philosophy, is to grow and refine the skills and abilities of the associate. We want to keep them cutting edge and help them be the very best that they can be, while providing them with the support every successful agent needs to be their best. We will continue to look forward to seek areas and opportunities to assist with their success.”

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