Chicago: The New Real Estate Tech Hub

by Stephanie Sims

A few popular real estate apps/websites have their roots based in Chicago, and some new real estate tech companies have recently sprung up in the city. Check them out, if you haven’t already.

ShowingTime (Launched 1999): 

ShowingTime has several features that can make showings easier for agents to manage – read more in our Best Software for Showings category.

Ifbyphone (Launched 2005): 

Ifbyphone provides voice applications for customer interactions by measuring and automating voice communications, is configured via a self-service Web-based customer portal and works with any telephone. The cloud-based service provides call tracking, dynamic inbound call routing with IVR screening, outbound call automation, virtual call center applications and a highly flexible family of API based integration tools.

LeapRE (Launched 2007): 

LeapRE, short for Leap Real Estate Solutions, Inc., has created several products and tools specific to agents, including its Scheduling App (a winner for Best App/Software for Showings), and is continuously developing tools to help agents’ businesses.

Yield Technologies (LAUNCHED 2007): 

This company is a leader in the next evolution of real estate technology and services. Yield Technologies has implemented proven technology solutions including integrated data warehouses, ERP implementations, management dashboards and revenue management systems solutions to companies across the globe.

Midwest Real Estate Data (launched 2008): 

Midwest Real Estate Data, Inc. is the MLS, yes, but this company actively develops apps to help agents utilize the MLS, such as Midwest Homes, an MLS search app.

Cartavi (launched 2009): 

Recently acquired by DocuSign, one of its former competitors, Cartavi is a mass favorite among agents. Created by Paul Koziarz and Glenn Shimkus, whose wife is an agent, this app started out as something to help his wife balance her business and keep track of all transaction documents. Cartavi is a favorite among agents and, not surprisingly, it won our Transaction Management category.

HomeFinder (launched 2009): 

HomeFinder allows you to use GPS to locate homes and apartments on the market in your area. The map tracks which listings you have saved, viewed and not yet viewed, and you can save your searches on your account and review them from any phone, computer or tablet. The app also includes a mortgage calculator and monthly mortgage estimates on every home for sale.

My Short Track (Launched 2013): 

My Short Track is looking to compete with the likes of Cartavi, EZCoordinator and SureClose – it is a mobile transaction management app that can send documents to everyone involved and even block certain parties from seeing certain documents.

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