3 Fun Ways to Prospect For Clients

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Prospecting for new clients often gets a bad rap, but there are fun, creative ways to approach prospecting that can make it quite enjoyable.


Prospecting for new clients is among the least glamorous of real estate’s many activities, and the stereotypical image behind prospecting – endless cold calls,  drip email marketing campaigns, door-to-door canvassing – make the activity seem as much fun as pulling teeth.

Yet, beyond the stereotypes, there is a whole other world of prospecting, one that is fun, and lively, and interactive, and as is the case with so many aspects of real estate, there’s nothing stopping you from embracing such strategies. Here are three to consider:

1. Inventive Branding – Your real estate business is only as good as your brand, and it behooves any agent to make their brand as ubiquitous and recognizable as possible, without seeming intrusive or pushy. How can that balance be achieved? Consider creative, inventive places to incorporate your brand. For instance, think about unorthodox places to print your company logo and contact information, such as water bottles, which you could distribute to members of your gym, your son/daughter’s little league team. Or look into creative sponsorships, such as bowling leagues, or school field trips; when I was in high school, our marching band planned biannual trips to Disney World, and a Realtor in the area always met new clients through his sponsorships of the band’s fundraising efforts, which involved his logo appearing boldly on event banners and the like.

2. Public Events – Rather than spending a weekend going door to door, let the potential clients come to you with a fun public event! Something like a barbecue for your neighborhood/subdivision is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to customers, show off your impressive market knowledge and, naturally, impressive everyone with your impeccable culinary skills.

3. Make the Usual Unusual – Finally, think about ways to make the most common, boring aspects of your real estate business unique and interesting. For instance, we recently learned of a Realtor who attached sticks of gum to all of his business cards; such a strategy is not only hugely creative, but incredibly cost-effective, and it gave the Realtor an immediate edge on his competition. Think about what other aspects of your business could use a similar, refreshing approach.

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