7 ways to make business planning easier and more effective
7 ways to make business planning easier and more effective

It’s time to start thinking about your goals for 2020. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you set your course for the next

How to make the most out of networking events
How to make the most out of networking events

In real estate, networking can be the catalyst to getting more involved in the community, building lasting relationships and hopefully increasing your referrals. Learn how to capitalize on events to move your business forward.

How Marketing Strategy Turns the Buck Shot Into a Bullseye – Part 2

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde In my first post on marketing strategy, I opined on how many real estate agents’ sabotage their approaches to self-marketing with a lack of strategic planning. More than just a budget,

5 Great Places to Network

The easy answer to “Where do you network” is “Everywhere,” but clearly, some places are better for networking than others, especially the five we suggest. All top producers succeed in unique ways, but if there’s any attribute they share,

3 Fun Ways to Prospect For Clients

Prospecting for new clients often gets a bad rap, but there are fun, creative ways to approach prospecting that can make it quite enjoyable. Prospecting for new clients is among the least glamorous of real estate’s many activities, and

Getting the Most From your Prospecting

By Bob Corcoran Four words I always tell agents to focus on (and for good reason, they’re how you make money) are listing, selling, negotiating and prospecting. They’re what I call dollar-productive activities for agents. Do those well and

Determining When Prospects Become Clients

By Dirk Zeller How do you determine whether a prospect should become a client? What are the criteria of becoming a client? Have you created a series of questions to help you minimize the time invested to determine if

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