Let The Light In, Improve Your Listing’s Value

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Cleanliness and organization are certainly important factors when showing a home, but effective use of lighting can be equally valuable.


When agents go through their check-lists before showing a property, they often focus on the most immediate needs of the property. Are the floors clean? The windows translucent? The kitchen clear of grime? The carpets spot-free? The smells of the rooms inviting? Though those are all important features, one important question always remains – are they being adequately presented to prospective buyers, so that their full value is apparent?

A great way to accomplish that is through effective use of lighting, and we’ve got three easy ways to use clever, targeted interior lightning to accentuate your home’s features:

1. Targeted Lighting – There’s nothing wrong, per say, with large, all-encompassing light fixtures that brighten up an entire room, but targeted lights, particularly of the tracking variety, can be invaluable in spotlighting a home’s finest qualities. Take this example. Notice how well the lights feature those paintings? They were apparent already, but the extra boost of the track lighting really makes them stand out.

2. Subtle, Recessed Lighting – Continuing with the theme of spotlighting, recessed lighting can be just as effective as track lighting, though it is a much more subtle method. Examples abound of recessed lighting in kitchens, where homeowners plant understated, easy-to-install light fixtures underneath their cabinets to illuminate the utensils and other features that adorn their countertops. (Also, though we’ve been addressing interior lighting, hidden/recessed lights can also be used to stunning effect on the exteriors of homes.)

3. Replace & Update – Finally, consider replacing old light fixtures with newer models that better fit the mood of your listing’s rooms. Anyone who has been in a Home Depot or Lowe’s recently knows that light fixtures have taken some hefty strides in recent years, and there are many affordable, elegantly crafted fixtures available that can add considerable character to a dinette, kitchen or family room.

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