What Keywords Should You Optimize Your Real Estate Website For?

by Alyssa Mattero

We often hear the term “Search Engine Optimization,” but what real estate terms should agents actually optimize on their websites? Alyssa Mattero explains.


Choosing the right keywords to target on your website can be tricky. You have to get inside the mind of a client. What are they searching for and why? Keyword research offers invaluable insight into the search behavior of potential clients. I conducted keyword research for Chicago real estate searches and developed a short list of keywords that have significant search volume and offer opportunity for traffic gains if targeted correctly online.

Here are the Top 5 Keywords you should use to optimize your website.

Top Keywords for Real Estate Agents in Chicago

1. Chicago Real Estate: Number of people searching for keyword this month – 8,100

2. Chicago Real Estate Agents: Number of people searching for keyword this month – 140

3. Lincoln Park Chicago Real Estate Agent: Number of people searching for keyword this month – 140

4. Chicago Real Estate Companies: Number of people searching for keyword this month  – 110

5. Chicago Real Estate Services: Number of people searching for keyword this month – 110

So what do you do with this information?

Below are basic website optimization tips that are simple to implement and critical to the SEO of your website.

•Target a different keyword on each page of your website. For example, if your homepage focuses on Chicago real estate, create a page that is dedicated to “Lincoln Park Chicago real estate.”

•Place targeted keywords in the copy of your website so that the text flows naturally and gives visitors the information they are looking for

•If you want to target a certain location, neighborhood or suburb, insert that location into the keywords above in replacement of Chicago. For example, if you want to target Oak Park, focus on the keyword “Oak Park real estate agents.”

The goal of SEO is to show Google that your website is relevant to the keywords you are targeting.  In order to do that, you need to include the keywords in your website where it matters. Inserting keywords into your website’s copy is the first and most crucial step in achieving an SEO-friendly website and driving new visitors to your site.

alyssa-mattero-perfect-search-mediaAlyssa Mattero is the senior relationship manager at Perfect Search Media. You can contact her at:

Phone: 877.655.8227 (x708)
Email: Alyssa@perfectsearchmedia.com

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