FHA Changes, Jumbo Loans and Low Appraisals: A Lending Update

by Chicago Agent

With questions circling about how the lending industry is changing and what’s staying consistent, we decided to ask questions of five prominent lending industry professionals and feature their answers in our cover story. From industry trends and how to mitigate a low appraisal, to what’s needed to qualify for FHA rule changes to jumbo loans, here are the big topics you need to know about when it comes to lending.

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  • Ryan Rahim says:

    I’ve been trying to get my FHA buyer into a lot of buildings, but it seems that most high rises do not want to renew for FHA. I wish they would renew FHA in all the buildings that once had them.

  • Lester S "Lester the Lister" says:

    It is not always that they don’t “want” to…..they may no longer qualify due to factors like a high % of rental units within the bldg, a high # of distressed properties and or delinquent assessment payments or other financial issues.

  • PB Jones says:

    Interview the appraiser? Are you kidding me. Good luck with that. The lender hired the appraiser, not the broker. It’s not the brokers’ business unless they are willing to face the same competency grilling to determine their skills in Comparative Market Analysis and to determine if their commission and seller expectations were taken out of the listing price. Lenders want impartial, independent and objective opinions of value, which is why they hire the appraiser. Low appraisals are frequently more a case of brokers’ inflated list prices.

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