What Qualities Should Every Top Producer Possess?

by Chicago Agent

What are the top 10 qualities every top producer should have? Here were the top 10 qualities top producers shared with us:

1. Professionalism 

The reality of this market has produced loss for some and opportunity for others. The complexity of the deal has increased, and emotions tend to run high at every level. It is important to have perspective, remain calm and focus with unwavering professionalism throughout the process. This helps to keep all parties focused on the end result while minimizing the effects of stress on a real estate transaction.

2. Education and Knowledge 

Education is vital for any agent to be successful today. Clients today need to be educated about the buying and selling process in this market and what they can expect, and top-producing agents should know not only how to educate their clients, but go the extra mile with CMAs and sharing information clients don’t necessarily ask for but will help them in their buying/selling process.

3. Management Skills

Top producers must know how to manage a team – to be a top producer, you must run your business like any other small business. You must manage costs and expenses, hire the top talent to join your team, and consistently improve and re-invent yourself in order to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Great Communication Skills

You need great communication skills, not just for communicating with your own clients, but also your fellow Realtors, too.

5. Persistence and Patience

It takes time to close deals, and in this market, with foreclosures, the mortgage pre-approval process and other factors, helping clients become homeowners requires persistence and patience; persistence to follow-up with agents and others involved in the potential deal, and patience for any bumps in the road that may come up.

6. Understanding of Technology

Not all buyers are web-savvy, but as generations get older, soon all other ways of marketing will be obsolete. Top producers need to have a presence on sites like Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia, all the sites that buyers are coming to. In addition, apps on smartphones and tablets can help agents do their jobs more efficiently – some top producer favorites include Dropbox, where agents can not only save their PDF files, listings, contracts and documents, but also automatically sync their iPad to their home computer, so they’re never caught without a contract, and Keynote, which allows agents to put together an interactive presentation
for clients.

7. Availability

As stated in the cover story, top producers need to be willing and able to be available at a moment’s notice, forcing you to change plans and miss events or family get-togethers at the last minute. If you’re not there, another agent will be.

8. Negotiating Skills

In this market, selling listings boils down to an agent’s ability and experience at negotiating. It’s one thing to have a listing, but another to understand the role they have as a fiduciary with sellers. It’s your job to negotiate the absolute best deal on their behalf. Doing this will earn you recommendations from your clients, and that will help you land new ones.

9. Be Actively Aware

Be aware of all types of situations and be ready with a solution should a challenge arise – unlike the housing boom era, not every deal is simple anymore. Be aware of what skills you need to bring to the table, and act quickly, for your client’s sake.

10. A Positive Attitude

Top producers know that they can’t easily blame the market for bad business because they know how to do well and adjust to each housing market. Keeping positive and relying on the skills listed is how these agents stay at the top.

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